Thursday, 2 July 2009

ghetto shore

Uk's home made shore from years past..

above: churchill.
bellow: haldon main roller line.

bellow: following haldons lead more UK spots added rollers,bellow- churchill rollers

bellow: Haldon grill first jump, what was bigger back in the day than it is now?

bellow: underground as it gets, the Fuel park that danny.p and i built.

bellow: Haldon gulley gap on the mainside, slick ply take-off.

bellow:haldon ghost rider

bellow: dark,wet and pure winter haldon.
bellow: im walking back for another hit, while the other chap has to workout how to ride it.

bellow: grill side shore to log drop hip,

bellow: haldon mainside little drop. the soft wood shore what made these stunts so hard to ride

bellow: Fuel park, danny looks but does not leap, Fuel park huck to berm, this sent me 20 foot out, dropping about 15 foot on my one brake,slick tyred 24-7 hardtail. skinny line on the left was tech in its day. People came but few even rolled in and no other rider did the main huck?

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