Monday, 19 January 2015

off camber xc 2015

Here we go again and it seems every man and his dog turned up for this round (111 riders!)! Im not sure whats going on with me, I got a good start and  hit the first hill about 5th, but then just got smoked! lol, Then trying to pass riders around the singletrack made life hard and slow, my times all day were slow but i think that was more down to my legs, got couple nice lines that i ran on the dh section each lap and felt like the bike was riding well and i was loving being back on the mtb even if my legs were not. The track was not that muddy and we had fun all the way round as we switched my lines up each lap and just had a blast, last lap i had an Off Camber team rider in front and one behind, Plan was to drop one and pass the other, turns out both got to the line first as i picked up a slow front flat in the last few miles of the race and finished 13th, Still working hard and the results might not show, But it was a fun race as we head in to the spring events.
no new photos, so have this one from last time out.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

2015 racing kicks off

This weekend means the start of the 2015 racing year as we hit up the Off Camber xc series, 3 rounds done and 3 to go we are just in the top 10 in points. Weather not looking good for this weekend but lets hope we dont get a flat or a problem and put in another solid ride.

marin drop 29er?

Top wrench at Marin bikes just built this 29er mtb with some WTB drop bars and Di2 gears, Loving the retro style fork decals and makes me think of my old blizzard with its drop bars..maybe i will build a 29er drop bike at some point..

Johnny O'Mara race bike

Former supercross racer turned mtb champs race weapon and strava killer. This guy still rips, getting KOM hits most days. i talked to him the other day about bar widths, So i have now gone from 690 to 710 on my xc race bike now down to 670mm?? we will see at the next race if it works for me..

Friday, 16 January 2015

Shaun Palmer's Intense

His very own whip right now.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Monday, 5 January 2015

Morgan Blue

So how do i keep my Rocky Mountain team bikes looking box fresh all year round? I wash and lube them with the same cleaners as i do my road bikes, Morgan blue have the best range of cleaners and lubes i have ever used, Its chain cleaner and mud remover are just two of the standout products i have made sure i always have in stock and all my bikes end its wash and clean with the Morgan Blue spray on polish.

Most good bike shops and online retailers sell Morgan Blue. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015


The Rapha 500 on Strava again ended my year with a great week of miles, This year we had a real mix of weather and we even got a day at Bike Park Wales to mix things up. Still we finished a solid year on the bike and we cant wait to get going with 2015.
Lots of plan for this year are getting sorted so look for a few blog updates in the coming weeks.