Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Another scoop on the 2011 shift racing gear and helmets.


So you liked Shift when it was an on the edge hardcore gear brand.. well 2011 puts shift back on top as the coolest brand going.. more of whats coming down the pike in the next few days!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Exmoor enduro prep

Looks like i will ride in the Exmoor marathon 75k enduro with over 2,000m of climbing later this year, its a gnarl event! So we got in some training up @ exmoor last week.

Grant smokes them in the 2011 shift kit

Metal Mulisha Shift racing rider grant killed it this weekend in the new 2011 Shift kit.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

FUNN 2011

Funn will have a flat bar for 2011 along with new grips etc.., see next years range

Saturday, 26 June 2010

2011 Shift

first look @ the 2011 "HYDE" Strike gear!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Shoot 1 from this week

Its been a big old week, not only putting on the road miles and getting a quick lap of haldon, we have also done a couple of photo shoots. Trail riding and All-Mtn style ridings what i do a lot of right now and im loving it, We have found a real cool area for future photos and also did a 55mph high speed road poach in the dark of night with no lights or street lights! more on that in a future blog.

photos thanks to


Palmer gets second at Mammoth Mountain

Senior Expert
Shaun Palmer won in dominating fashion in the first moto of the Senior Expert class, but he couldn’t keep the pace in moto two.
go palmer!


JGRMX riders Josh Grant and Justin Brayton will be debuting Shift’s 2011 Baja Faction gear this weekend at Round 5 of the AMA Motocross Championship in Lakewood, CO.

Packed with top of the line performance features but always ready for a Fiesta, Shift’s new Baja Faction gear was built to handle anything Grant, Brayton, or Thunder Valley can throw at it.

Josh Grant comes into this round with a ton of momentum and will have his sights set on claiming his first win of the season. Brayton will also be looking for some strong results after putting in a solid performance last weekend in his first race since a pre-season injury.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Elbry's all mtn hardtails 100% legit!
not only does the bike look ill as a hell, but its also rides like a badass hardcore trail bike should.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mountain Cycle go Carbon in 2011!!

A lot has been going on here behind the scenes, in what is a new Mountain Cycle. As you all have probably already found out, we closed the EU office late last year and moved Mountain Cycle back to where it belonged, in California. Since then it's been full tilt, as we roar towards March 2011 with an all new product line, the first 100% all new Mountain Cycle lineup for many years.

Planning the new line has been, and continues to be a massive amount of work, designing every bike from the ground up. As part of the re-jigged set up, we have vowed not to show a single thing until we can give it to you in a box to take home. No displaying prototypes or pre-production designs, when you do see the new 2011 line, it will be boxed and on its way...

But! We will share with you a little tit-bit....

We thought we'd hit the ground a little earlier with something fresh, so due around September will be the first all new Mountain Cycle, the 'Twentysixandsix'.

What better way to show that we are back than by introducing a super simple and wickedly light carbon fiber cross country hard tail. We know the cross country folk out there have been neglected by us over the past years, so we are coming back with a 1200 gram frame and a build spec that's super clean and ultra lean.
To top it off the 'Twentysixandsix' will be priced to wake you up and show that Mountain Cycle is 100% serious.

elbry and mat, xc haldon

elbry and ewart, haldon 40 miles deep in to the ride

pre haldon

(first proper ride on the Mountain Cycle Rumble, Ye thats right, SPD pedals and barends! Also went for the super baggy xl Shift gear).

pre Haldons sunday enduro ride ewart, sam and myself had a sweet evening xc ride hitting up new spots for me of eastside (near mafia compound), Harpford, Mutters moor and Peak hill. Good times.

more gopro from the haldon55

Elbry of mountain cycle following mat from Vandal.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Haldon 55 Mountain Cycle rumble

Factory Mountain Cycle Rumble looking a little dusty after 50 miles of hard riding. So happy with how this bike rode, I thought it might hammer me on a long ride but its got a real smooth ride and tracks so well. Final build will be done later this week.

elbry and mat on the HALDON 55

20 miles deep in to the ride and slaying the trail, sppeds of 29mph in this edit as mat follows me down the ridge line on my first proper ride on the Mountain cycle rumble.

Friday, 11 June 2010


Thanks for dropping by my blog, as you may or may not have noticed, we have a new clean fresh look to the blogger for summer 2010. till next time.. keep shreding

RM 2011

My buddy boom boom just uploaded these shots of the 2011 Rocky rides.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Elbry Sandland signs with Crank Brothers

I will be riding for Crank Brothers and 2pure for all mtn action, Riding the Crank Brothers Iodine Wheelset on my Mountain Cycle Rumble all mtn trail thrasher.
See the latest from crank bros @ http://www.2pure.co.uk/

Saturday, 5 June 2010

unknown track

secret track, elbry

smoking the dh boys on my little mtn cycle battery and geax AKA dirt/park tyres! (on this run any how) rad day big thanks to the guys for a cool day of shed.