Wednesday, 25 November 2009

KBC 2010 in print

2010 KBC helmet and goggle Catalogues now out worldwide!

GEAX 2010

Geax tyres 2010 websites now live..
for UK sales contact upgrade.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Elbry Sandland skills training school coming Jan 2010.. put your name down now!

Thats right, over 10 years racing xc at national and european level followed by 10 years of being one of the most well known names in UK freeride. Now we are putting on the Elbry Sandland mtb skills school. geared to beginners and intermediate riders. Its not just a race school or a freeride school, Its a technique and skills course for cornering, braking, line choices etc.. to help people have more fun on the bike and ride further, faster and tailor each session to the rider giving them one on one help.
So trail riders, dh riders, freeriders or racers give us a mail..
Mail us on or find me on facebook.

More xc

getting right back in to it, about 20 miles on sat in the rain, still it felt good and the trails were tech.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Taking it back to the old school

2 xc laps of haldon today after cutting work early, legs felt dead so just mellowed round,
peace out

Sunday, 15 November 2009

xc and dh updates

So my first xc race in more than decades now over, turned out the track was not that muddy and also the masters class was packed, Unlike in 4x where the numbers are small, in xc the masters are where all the xc racers from the 90's (the era of xc) are now all at, with former world championship and world cup racers it was going to be hardcore, Sadly the start was a little odd and tight and starting at the back would mean the leaders were over the top of the first hill and a couple of mins ahead before we even got started..the pace was fast once over the top of the first hill and i used my freeride skills on the DH section to cut my way throught the pack, Sadly my lack of XC fitness started to kick in after the fast start and i soon found myself making up 4/5 spots on the tech areas and dropping 6/7 on the climbs.. With around 60 riders we rolled in 46th.. Not what we wanted, but fired up and building some confidence again ready for round 2 in Jan where we will have better fitness and gearing that will fit the track better on my 1by8 setup.

On other racing news.. The underground DH races in torquay have made a rule to cut the numbers.. Only the top 12 will make the cut to any further events.. my 7/6/6 for 7th puts me in to the next Downhill 3 race stage event in Jan, but a flat or one bad run and it could be all over..

Still today we feel strong other than a sore back and motivated to train for more events in 2010 to go along side my main Freeride action and make me a better rider.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Ok so i have not raced xc since 98, But this sunday i will be back at it, sure im in no shape to race xc even in masters, the weathers set to be rain and more rain and the former world cup venue in plymouth im sure will be a tech mud fest, Just to add to it i have sold my soul, and will return to SPD pedals! Now thats also a first since 99... Best of all i will not get the shoes and pedals till the day of the race so its going to be
So why race? To do it all! thats mtbing! 4x, marathon, dh and now xc all done this year along side the freeride/ all mtn trail riding, love it, plus i hope to ride the xc bike all winter and come in to 2010 stronger and ready to hit a wide range of events again... wish me luck!

Monday, 9 November 2009

retro bike check flashback! MARIN PINE MTN

This is a bike just like i had back in the early 90's (93?), the big thing about this bike was its Browning suspension..
sadly Mr bowning run out of money trying to get this fork system accepted. Interestingly he was responsible for much of the undercarriage design of the Concorde and you can see the aircraft heritage in this design. Tragically he took his own life
three settings, lockout, hard and soft,

Mr browning was a English engineer and the company he ran was called Cycle Suspension Ltd England .

The action of the forks similar to a cannondale headshock but has an Amp style torsion bracket.. with a nitrogen filled pressure system.. real advanced at the time and had 50-75mm of stroke.
I sold mine after a short time to get a Rocky Mtn blizzard.. but thats for another flashback..

Friday, 6 November 2009


Ridge lines now open, i got all the way to the berms at the bottom of the forest and got a bloody flat.. £13 for a fucking tube at haldons bike shop..wankers.. then i got in 3 full laps, really funny seeing people with pads and big lids, people with piss pots and goggles, some full lycra xced.. all riding the same trail and not much faster than each other i had a blast.. BUT! i run a lycra top and a xc lid! so funny, still, got some quick lines on that run now, may do another go pro, see if it looks any quicker. Pic of my bike before a few hours of wet xc riding, the 5.5 bloody rules.

Monday, 2 November 2009