Thursday, 29 October 2015

late update!

Hi all, sorry for the lack of blogs of late, it seems riding has been getting in the way! Since 24-12 we have been clocking up the road miles before taking on some cyclocross racing, Have to say I have done two so far and love it, sure keeping me fired up over the winter, last weekend was the 4th ever Trailhead triple crown! What better prep for it than a cross on the Sunday, ride with rocky mountain pro Dre while he was over doing media with MBUK,so we had a killer day in Wales mid week then on the Saturday we crushed the triple in somewhat nasty conditions, before the Years out we will race a few more cross events and smash the 500km week over Xmas before getting back on the Rocky Mountain again in the new year racing some xc before going out and about trail riding for Rocky and spreading the word. Keep a look on here as I will be bashing out some fresh blogs and some photos. Happy trails! #love