Friday, 29 May 2015

Torbay velo park action

A race spent mostly at the front and getting in some hard work as we head to bikefest in a few weeks time, 


Friday, 22 May 2015


So how much sugar did you have today? Not doing a big ride today? Eat and drink smart..If your not putting the energy out you sure as hell dont want to be putting the sugar based drinks in, save it for the hard long ride days and a treat and as a boost.

Eating on the move.. what do the pro riders in a grand tour eat for lunch??

So thats it?!, yep! Take note if your doing a sportive! Eat well and the right foods in the days before and you should not be looking at taking in much more than this! Maybe some extra fluids/bottles but dont over eat, I came first in my sportive this year by taking just the amount of food and drink needed but no gells every half hour or eating a full lunch and most of a sweet shop at the fuel stops, Eat and drink smart and try bars etc before your big event so you have products you will like and will work well for you. Now go smash a ride out!!

Update! thunderbolt and road racing..

 Another trip down to Torbay and another race with out any points, Still the race was a bunch from lap one till the end and i came up a few spots short of getting the job done.. Little gutted as Torbay seems easy over westpoint or ilton, I could head to Cornwall but points dont mean that much, At the end of the day its about getting in the mix having fun and i think im doing that rather than been off the back in a cat2/3 style race as i dont have the time or the energy to focus on road racing only as my main rolls to ride for Rocky Mountain Bicycles.
We have got some more seat time on the killer Thunderbolt! Get a demo bike and try one!! Its such a rapid yet fun bike to ride! Only a few weeks till BikeFest so we hope to ot get ill this year and keep putting in some solid rides over the coming weeks. Till next time!!

HANNY - Hard to Say Goodbye Ep.12

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Elbry joins Joystick and hookit

Stoked to say i will run Joystick bars and stems along with brake pads and Sensus grips this year on my Thunderbolt. See you at a Rocky mtn ride day/night or at bikefest in the coming weeks.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Oakley 2015

The new Oakley cycle eye wear has landed and i have to say the mix on new tech and retro style looks cool as hell, Pic shows Greg Lemond sporting a very cool silver colourway. all the details on them here .

Friday, 8 May 2015


The last two years i have entered BikeFest at Ashton Court in the paired event and we have landed on the box both times, So the plan was to give it one more go this year, Well my riding bro has a real bad back and can not ride for around 6 weeks! So we are changing our plans and will race BikeFest 12 hour solo next month! Its going to be a head and leg game, Lets hope for dry weather.

For this years event we will ride the Thunderbolt! having raced Ashton on a Rocky mountain element 26 and 29er it will be my first on 650b wheels. The Thunderbolts a super fun bike to ride so should make it a great 12 hours.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


A trip to the Torbay velo track, Almost got points!! lol, such a good race for me, in the mix at the front and driving the pack back up to any riders jumping off the front, sadly got a bit boxed in two turns from home to finish just outside the top 10, but a strong ride as we gear up for bikefest and a local race for Rocky Mtn UK distro Greenover so ran its colours and had some teammates for company. good times.

off the back at ilton