Wednesday, 9 December 2009

till next year...

Loads of things coming down the pike for 2010, most of the sponsorships done and dusted, few changes but not much and only for the better, Riding wise we have been getting in the xc rides and getting ready for a heavy year kicking off with both xc racing and dh stage races in Jan. Off to Wales in a weeks time and looking forward to Jan 2010 when we will have the next blog and can let you know about our plans.. Till then i have my feature in WideOpen to get done.
Have a good new year!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

classic shots

This is a cool drop off turn on one of my tracks, So much fun as you whip it so your almost going up the fire road, Great section and so much fun. Thanks to Paul9 for the shots.

few from 07 that have slipped the (inter) net before.

This was 2007, As 2009/10 rocking some Shift produts !

2010 blur goggles

fresh out this month.. the all new blur goggles and colourways, see the range at

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Super-d session

quick bit of chest cam for you!

random Updates..

We are getting things ready for 2010, the trail rider schools been a few years in the making but its all sorted and kicks off next year and i can not wait.

big thanks to all my 09 sponsors and im happy to say that not a lots changing in that area for 2010.

I have been doing a lot of xc of late and having a good time. heading to wales to spend a few weeks in a weeks time.

I will post a few pics of my 2010 KBC goggles what match my Shift kit next time along with my new KBC pro-x lid in its sweet 2010 colourway.

Keep it pinned!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ben Boyko off norco..

a bit of a shock to ben was that his not got signed by Norco for 2010, this late in the year the freeriders going to find it hard to lock down a good deal for next year.. best of luck ben.