Tuesday, 28 July 2009

COVE session

Headed in to the hills today with a couple of the new young rippers from barnstaple, It was my first real ride since my big off a few weeks ago and my shoulders still not 100%. Still cove was super wet and i had made some setup changes to the bike so was keen to see how the day would turn out. First off was a couple of runs down the mainline, The boys were finding it hard to go quick on a new track and even with my shoulder i felt ok holding on etc..

After that we headed over to the road jump line and had a couple of hits and the shoulder felt ok and i felt good on the bike by the second hit even in the wet dirt. After that we headed over to the quarry for the first time in a long time, we ended up at the little kid jumps what are a lot of work on the fullys, still we had some nice whips on and the shoulder was sore by this stage, then we hit the road back to the van where i waited for the young guys to keep up! so im now resting the shoulder but happy with the way it felt and how im riding, i also ordered my new bike :) when i got home... were not talking mtb?? i also sold my mini bike and feel its time for some sexy wheels for the T5! TILL NEXT TIME.

Monday, 27 July 2009

TLD D3 2010

PICs say it all, Better vented, designed to work with a neck brace..

Thursday, 23 July 2009

NEW Tiverton bmx track

above: second jump

above: third jump, triple camel back step up..
above: first double in to step up.

above: first double

Spy shots of Tivertons new track..

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

still hurting

well i still have a hurt shoulder, went for a xc ride monday and it hurt a lot that night, tuesday i went for a run and the ribs and stuff all felt fine so i just hope to lay off the bike this week and hope the shoulder sorts it self out, other than that im pumped, talk of racing next year.. not sure what.. boarder-x? bmx? dh?xc? 4x? we will see..

Monday, 20 July 2009

2010 troy lee designs

TROY LEE D3 helmet... 2010 clothing..

MDE Boulder 2010

now with easton rad front and a 1.5 headtube option, Like a mini MDE crab.. Looks sweet as.


well i went for a run over the weekend but my ribs still hurt from my crash and my shoulders killing all the time, hope to try and hold on to the bars later and have a quick xc spin.

this weekend coming i hope to head down to tav for its big weekend event and get some dh shred on if things go well this week..

Saturday, 18 July 2009

haro 2010..

porter ss frame, now will the frame be the weak link? topof the line complete, click the pic for a closer look.

"The Porter"
Frame: Porter Team Replica Slope Style Specific Jump frame; 4.5" travel
Fork: FOX 36 Float RC2 Custom 100mm Travel and Height for Haro
Shock: Fox Float R
Color: Smurfy Blue
Crankset & Bottom Bracket: Gravity Gap Mega EXO
Front Derailleur: Gravity Chain Guide with PC Bash
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore XT Shadow
Freewheel: Shimano HG 61 11-28t 9 speed
Pedals: Pivit Featherlite CNC Thin Pedal
Handlebar & Stem: Gravity Riser bar / Gravity Gap stem
Shifters: Shimano Deore Right Only
Grips: Gravity Lock On
Seat/Seat Post: SDG OPatriot / SDG I-beam Micro Adjust
Hubset: Gravity Wheels
Front Rim/Rear Rim: Gravity Wheels
Front Tire/Rear Tire: Kenda Small Block 8 2.35 R / Kenda Nevegal 2.35 F
Front Brake/Rear Brake: Hayes Stroker Ryde w/ 160mm Rotors F/R
Levers: Hayes Stroker Ryde
MSRP: about $3,350


Friday, 17 July 2009

fashion trails...platform game trails..

see-saw shore style stunt..
keeping it natural

hunt down new spots..
Whats going on, Fads thats whats going on! UK riders were living with riding and building in the mud and the rain out in the woods, duck tape your shoes and session in the rain, build with the land thats around you, but today it seems to be about trying to belong to a scene thousands of miles away from our own, North Shore riding.... Fad of the decade, Riders look like failed trials riders, no speed.. its all seems slow balance work and cheater 3" stabilzer rear tyres.. At a time when we have some of the best dh racers and dirt jumpers our small splinter group of so called uk freeriders are failing to find there own style in a fully fledged big sell on the shore riding thats far from the tradition of no frills UK not giving a fuck riding of the past, People spend hours seeing what underwear a riders sporting in a pic rather than what the trail looks like that his just blazed..It seems some riders are not intrested in the soggy, dirty, unfashionable world of riding in the woods and building flowing singletrack and freeride trails. happy to refuge in magazines and the net, dreaming of nailing some planks to make a complete trail from bits of wood that could of been made from the soil and rocks.. More of the worlds riders are looking at UK riders, magazines like Dirt and we need to show the world that the UK has a freeride scene thats pure UK and not a fag copy of other lands..
embrace the land we live in, Go build a trail this year that has no wood stunts in it unless its needed! Some shore stunts once in a while can be fun, but the over kill of total shore line trails are just not needed ( even more so the ones that just do a loop..).

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

slam dunk

im not one for crashing, but today i had a big one, about the best i have ever done, just a 25 foot gap jump, not sure what went wrong (very wet muddy lip maybe?) but i slammed hard on landing and took it to the head..

Monday, 13 July 2009


Presenting the UK's hottest FMX athletes in an action packed airborne battle to decide who can pull the best trick, the biggest air, the sickest whip or even the nastiest crash! Big Air Jam is a radical Freestyle motocross competition designed to thrill you with a crazy packaged form of off-road bike riding. The riders are pure athletes who have taken the sport of Freestyle Moto-Cross to the next level, and perform extreme stunts which are judged over ramp gaps between 60 to 90 feet long.

Its this wednesday! see http://www.bigairjam.com/

Sponsored by two 0f my sponsors: Monster energy and http://www.freestylextreme.com/

PALMER on Intense

above: Palm now on intense...
bellow: Palm the first time he was on intense..

he took second behind JD last weekend as he gears up for the US nationals.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Elbry has teamed up with www.freestylextreme.com and will be rockstaring it up in METAL MULISHA clothing line for the rest of 09 and 2010, Elbry was the head of Freestylextremes mtb sponsorship a few years ago before elbry called it a day with sponsors to do his own deal his way, Now elbry has been teaming up with core supporters to sponsor him on his terms and as ever www.freestylextreme.com are down with that. Elbry was one of the first investers in Metal Mulisha in the early 2000's when MM started, Since then elbry has stayed in touch with MMs boss Larry Linkogle and has become part of the MM death squad, The core Mulisha away from the clothing sales, This new deal brings all of this in to one package as elbry gets ready to rep MM for the next few years, To see the line of Mulisha clothing hit up www.freestylextreme.com . also see www.metalmulisha.com and www.larrylinkogle.com

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

dartmoor national park

full blog and photos to follow..

mde 2010!

more photos to follow!

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Mike Smith jumps from charge bikes to NS bikes, more Palmer details

As for me i was on dartmoor this weekend to do some stills, see them and the details of the shoot in the next blog.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

ghetto shore

Uk's home made shore from years past..

above: churchill.
bellow: haldon main roller line.

bellow: following haldons lead more UK spots added rollers,bellow- churchill rollers

bellow: Haldon grill first jump, what was bigger back in the day than it is now?

bellow: underground as it gets, the Fuel park that danny.p and i built.

bellow: Haldon gulley gap on the mainside, slick ply take-off.

bellow:haldon ghost rider

bellow: dark,wet and pure winter haldon.
bellow: im walking back for another hit, while the other chap has to workout how to ride it.

bellow: grill side shore to log drop hip,

bellow: haldon mainside little drop. the soft wood shore what made these stunts so hard to ride

bellow: Fuel park, danny looks but does not leap, Fuel park huck to berm, this sent me 20 foot out, dropping about 15 foot on my one brake,slick tyred 24-7 hardtail. skinny line on the left was tech in its day. People came but few even rolled in and no other rider did the main huck?