Thursday, 30 October 2008


One month following the announcement of the three Cross Country riders that will form half of the new World Cup team sponsored by Trek Bicycles, 23 Degrees Sports Management announces today that the downhill half of the new team will also be made up of three riders; two men and a woman. The two men will be Justin Leov (NZL) and Andrew Neethling (RSA), while the top level woman rider will be announced on December 1st. Having just turned 24, Justin Leov is a highly accomplished rider who's had a great season in 2008; most notably his 6th place finish at the World Championships which was the best ever performance by a New Zealand man at the Downhill World titles. Justin has had a string of top 10 results over the past few seasons and therefore joins the team as a regular World Cup top 10 rider. Also 24 years old, Andrew Neethling has impressed many in his past 3 seasons showing constant progression. His 6th place on the physical track at this year's Canberra World Cup (the venue for the 2009 World Championships), and his impressive top 10 on the steep and technical Schladming course in Austria, shows that 'Needles' has the potential to be top 10 on any course he races. Team Director Martin Whiteley says: "Apart from always striving to run one of the most professional teams on the circuit, one of my goals has always been to take riders and give them the opportunity to shine and reach their absolute goals. Our previous two teams have satisfied both these goals, and in the case of these two talented top 10 riders and our new program, we will be giving them every opportunity to further improve on their results to date. With the first round of the World Cup in South Africa next year, we are thrilled to have a super competitive South African on the team, and we feel that our combination of two top ten men, and a top level woman, will put us in a good place to compete with the leading gravity teams for the coveted UCI DH Team trophy, something our teams have won 3 times before." Trek Mountain Bike Brand Manager Michael Browne says: "Trek believes that the Session 88 is the best downhill bike on the market with exceptional technology that spans the breadth of the Trek suspension line-up. Trek also believes in the power of racing to both prove the solvency of, and further evolve, a product. We are happy to offer the best downhill bike to an elite roster of athletes. Like Trek, these riders only want to outperform their competitors. We look forward to the challenge that lies ahead." Further details on the team's female downhill rider will be released on December 1st, and details on the team's co-sponsors and race schedule will be released at a later date.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Could this be my new samoon flower 24?? ..........................................................................................................................................................................
balfa are now the importers of Foes racing instead of hotlines.. best of luck to J.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


First of our photo flashbacks for a Monday:
This was for MBUK magazine, i was on a Cheeta frame with V brakes! Vandal fender and i was sportinga KBC lid, Vandal/smp/socal kit. I would keep hold of that frame for a few more years before i sold it and the next owner found a crack in the swingarm..The photos were shot in Torquay.

Samoon bikes hubs and rims will be out in 2009, It looks like the first batch should be ready around March in a range of colours.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Haldon session

Last weekend i headed to the "truck spot" at haldon, by far the best mtb section of haldon and not 100% on limits for dirt bikes.. Still the locals have been hard at work at one of my old spots and have linked up a range of jumps and gaps making a fun session, on the way up we found this nugget, i called it a step up and tappy a setp-up gap, The lips like a dirt trail jump and the gaps not a bad size, it kicks you up and back in to the woods, if you came up short you would hit the vert banking, by the looks of the virgin looking landing its not been hit much if ever, so we sent it and it was sweet, first go was butter smooth and the vids from the second hit, agian fluid and flowing (thats my style!) but check the S bend before the kicker, thats the frontend almost fully washing on me in some soft mud and doing a rather wild 3m slide.. fun jump.
In the morning were off to Cove and my spot for the first GOPRO helmet cam from the well loved spot.

Sunday, 19 October 2008


tec details on the best lid on the market.

Friday, 17 October 2008


MDE xxxx keeper goes pure racer for 2009.. i want , i want!
more details in the next blog, click the pic for more details.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

TT FREERIDERS update and more..

Bradshaw! My hero from when i was growing up was at the US open and still looking badass! cool.

The new shore line at SW EXTREME has now got its first section complete and getting sessioned, I will be heading back soon now im feeling better.

ONE Ind race kit i posted in an old blog now has a date for the UK (4/5 weeks) and some prices
PANTS £119.95
SHIRT £29.95
GLOVES £29.95 & £24.95
Right thats it! im off to haldon in the moring for a session and i hope to get some GO-PRO head cam action! till next time.

Monday, 13 October 2008


Vandal pinstripe tees are back in stock, limited run so hurry and get yourself a cool product and support a UK mtb brand.

special price £16 posted, contact me via
other than this, not much to blog as i have been in bed for the last few days as sick as a dog..

Monday, 6 October 2008


GO Pro! check

Im a sponsored GOPRO team rider!! The digital camara and video system thats been on most of the big pro's rides at X-Games this year in FMX,BMX big air etc..etc..

Look next year for GoPro head cam movies all over this blog every few weeks from some of the best freeride spots that i hit up.

Looking for a cool xmas gift? look no further..fits skate lids, mx/dh lids.. on your bars on your arm or on your frame.. this things tiny and also takes photos as well as up to 56 mins of video.

get yours at


first shore being built at SWE last weekend..left side will be a huck, the rights a steep roller.
Last weekend we headed to north Devon and SW extreme, The spots growing all the time with a 4x track, a small dh track and in the future shore lines and a slope park. I headed out early and headed to Bideford! Why...

Bideford bmx track has to be one of the most fun/shit tracks in the uk! lol , built on a steep hill half the tracks very much up hill! what sucks.. But the other halfs like a well made 4x track and rocks! I turned up with a few loacls putting in some timed runs.. The lap starts down hill and down a small drop pump in to the big step up /double step down, You can jump the lot (about 30+foot) when its not windy, this rails you in to a big left berm with a sniper jump mid turn.. then its up hill with a jump up it? You can bank/wall ride rather than jump this then its turn left and dh again, this time its packed with timing jumps.. double/table/single doube double out in to a tarmac right and then three doubles to the the line, Had a good session and if your going SWE you should make time to hit the bmx track.

SW extreme 4x tracks super sweet, all the tracks super flowing and dh with some nice shape and size jumps, How good.. Look for it to be a NPS round in 09 maybe! Look for me to be doing some 4x next year here over the summer! thats how flowing it was..

It was also the build weekend so we helped out with this and works stated on the shore line.

Great spot thats well worth a visit and the 4x tracks all weather and open year round.
for more details check the TTfreeriders forum

Sunday, 5 October 2008


One are best known for MX decals and then its fine range of lids, Well for 2009 they will have a complete line of riding gear what looks real nice and a little like the Alloy mx gear from a few years ago. New websites just up

Friday, 3 October 2008

New trail @ Cove

my spot has a new trail in the making and its about 70% built. This is very much a trail rather than a DH or freeride downhill run like i have built at Cove and other spots in the past, This is a mix of smaller roller drops and turns that make a more all mtn/ freeride trail that zig zags its way through the woods. A lot of it was cut in to the deep under growth today in the rain while other sections have been made and have been waiting for me to link them. Photo above was shot about a year ago on one of the berms near to the bottom of the trail. Look for some fresh photos etc of the track so far in the next few weeks.
South West extreme in the morning! Build and ride day, see you on the slope if your heading to the north devon spot.

my MDE PUSHER in detail

you can see my MDE BIKES Pusher all buit up in this issue of wideopen the download mag, But here she is in all here detail...


Thursday, 2 October 2008

o'neal rampage footwear

Still looking as fresh as when i got them at the start of the year!

this has been my shoe of choice for dirt jumping this year. mine are Black leather but you can get them in a range of colourway..

quick spec run down:
inside sections clear of any unwanted crazy design, clean and simple 100% genuine Cow Leather upper.

classic lace ups, no crazy snowboard boot system, buckles or velcro to get unstuck in the mud. Also a box section nose for relaxed feet position, What also helps to dig in to climb banks and steep freeride sections on foot.

Distinctive concave profile puts weight on the outter sections of the sole giving more feel and balance.
for more details on o'neal see or UK importer/distro hotlines on
P +44 (0)131 319 1444

F +44 (0)131 319 2070