Saturday, 11 July 2009


Elbry has teamed up with and will be rockstaring it up in METAL MULISHA clothing line for the rest of 09 and 2010, Elbry was the head of Freestylextremes mtb sponsorship a few years ago before elbry called it a day with sponsors to do his own deal his way, Now elbry has been teaming up with core supporters to sponsor him on his terms and as ever are down with that. Elbry was one of the first investers in Metal Mulisha in the early 2000's when MM started, Since then elbry has stayed in touch with MMs boss Larry Linkogle and has become part of the MM death squad, The core Mulisha away from the clothing sales, This new deal brings all of this in to one package as elbry gets ready to rep MM for the next few years, To see the line of Mulisha clothing hit up . also see and

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