Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring time race 2

Another week and another Spring Time Pursuit, These odd ball events kick off the year and like last year and for many other riders this is a great spring board for the year with the goal to feel stronger from each round, Round 2 i was again in group 2 with a solid group 1 starting 2mins ahead of us, Lap one and i was feeling strong and did a large part of the work and we cut the lead down to just 1min, Few people wanted to work but we gave a pace line of sorts a try but we only took another 20 seconds off the group in front and it was time to cut back on the work and wait for the quicker riders from group 3 to join us, With just the last rolling hill section to go we were joined first by a few riders, Exeter Wheeler rider with a MDCC rider latched on to his wheel followed by another bunch of 4, As we headed up the climb it was clear that the pace was not going to catch the lead group and at the back of the pack i put a fun effort in, some 10 seconds later of sprinting we were at the front and kept on going before getting sucked back in to the pack to finish race 2 with a strong ride.
thanks to rutrainingtoday.co.uk for the photo.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Springtime Pursuits Race 1

Here we go again, last year i got dropped in the first few miles while doing very little at the back and then that was it solo effort for almost 30 miles!I soon wised up and loved the next two events even if the results were still piss poor i was back road riding.  This year my plan was to stay in my group for as long as i could and do very little at this first round, I was in the second group and i soon found myself at the front doing my turn and pushing on? (what! plan out the window) but the group was a mixed bunch and riders jumping off only to drag them back it was no shock that we failed to catch all of group one and the last group that had dropped down to just 6 or so riders joined us at the mid point of lap 2 of 3, With three MDCC riders controling the pace line it was up to a great effort by a exeter wheelers rider to try and jump clear as we went over the line for one to go and this split the group to bits, I mist the jump and held on to a small group of 5 riders as the rest got shelled out the back for the last lap and took a easy last lap in the draft to finish a fun first pursuit. roll on this weekend!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

road bike

Rocky Mountain don't make road bikes anymore, so im racing this speed stick with some fresh Vision wheels for 2014.

Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross - Vet Pro Racing Raw Video - TransWorld...

Such a cool battle


Hi all! well since smashing the Rapha 500 i hurt my knee and so have been on the turbo trainer building things back up but its all going well and were getting ready to put down some photos and GoPro edits in the coming months, We have also picked up a new sponsor this week, more on that in a future blog but its all good news for me and im keen as hell to start putting in some seat time on my 2014 Rocky Mountain Bicycles, This years looking real cool, we will hit up just a couple of events that i like the look of as well as hitting the trails a lot and putting out some photos and edits from around the UK as much as i can for Rocky, We will also be on the road with Revo Racing and that kicks off at the Spring time pursuit events that start this weekend and my first outing in my new revo team colours that look very pro.
Update next week on how we get on!