Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Road racing

After two Ilton races that have been hard work and not great i was keen to get racing proper and hit Westpoint, Im not that keen on the track but with my best result coming from my last race at Westpoint last year i was happy to get racing proper going for 2015, Right off the bat i was mid pack and felt ok, Just not as strong as i wanted to be, last year i could run at the front and off the front, so it ended in me staying with the main group that would shell riders out every lap, with 3 to go i was at the front for both laps going over the line but on the last lap i just lost the wheel of the attack and ended up coming in the rear of our group for about a 13th spot finish, I felt a little gutted not to do better, but were in a hole but its not all bad, Its been a solid month and with some speed work we hope we can have a strong summer of racing! we also have some big news coming about BikeFest!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

BELL Moto-9 Flex Media Launch

My first pick for lids has to be Bell.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Team Sky Diaries Episode 5 – 24 Hours to Paris-Roubaix

Ilton ~ Revo racing

 On the road this weekend racing for Revo, But a big week on the bike i just had very little in the legs and not on great form just staying in and battles for what ever i could get was all we could do.