Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Gau sports nutrition

New brand on the block as far as cycling goes Gau have hit the ground running, A wide product range that will cover all areas of nutrition from pre, intra and post training, So far the products seem to be easy on the gut unlike a lot of powders and also seem to be working well and even taste good. We will keep you posted but so far its 2 thumbs up and we would add its supplements in to our program. As for the brand i think we will see it push further in to the world of cycling and endurance sports in the coming years. I will be trying its range over the coming weeks as we prep for the Revolver ride.
See the complete range here  .

Danny Hart back in the energy drink game

Danny Hart has been supported by Rockstar a few years back has now joined the Monster Energy family for 2017, Look for a fresh Bell helmet with the Monster logo and a lot more media edits and photos of the champ this year.