Friday, 31 December 2010

Q & A

From RIDER RUN COMPANY facebook page .
name : Elbry Sandland
age : 35
sponsors : Marzocchi, Mountain Cycle, Metal Mulisha, , Monster energy, KBC, Shift MX/Fox racing europe,, RiderRunCo
when did you get in to mtb biking and why:
......late 80's me and my bro sold our little boat we had, he got a old MK1 escort and i got a mtb.
when did you start racing :
89, no sweat races at muddy ford?
why do you race dh?
i ride all things mtb these days, dh just a small part of what i do.
you race dh, have you raced any other mtb events? (xc,4x,etc)?
yes like most riders from the 80/90's era, i raced xc as my main form of racing as this was the main event back then, dh was fire roads, xc was more tech, but i have raced xc,dh,4x,enduro and marathon events as well as on the road.
whats your ride(s) and why did you pick them?
MC Battery, MC rumble, MC 2011 rigs in the coming months. I ride for mtn cycle because they make Quality products.
why do the rider run co team?
I run Rider Run Co and we wanted to get our products out and support some local riders, No BS about supporting up and coming riders and all the standard BS marketing, We sponsor riders that dont fit in to the BS section of youth and junior teams, We sponsor guys that are fast seniors and over looked along with old guys in the masters that are still getting faster and the odd balls that race hardtails. Its a fun team that puts out a great image for us and we are glad we can help them through rider run compnay and our teams title sponsor .
how has 2010 gone for you? give us a run down?
This years been a very solid year of media and riding/racing events, Im lucky to have built an image and have a flowing style that has helped me have this role of going to events and being apart of a wide range of mtb events and supporting my sponsors and spreading the word on mtbing as much as i can as its a cool sport that all cyclists can do at some level and have fun on a bike. As for the team it was started at the end of the summer ready for our first full year in 2011 and so far so good.
plans for 2011?
Keeping it short, more of the same.
what riders do you look up to?
in the early days it was tomac, herbold and tinker.
any thanks ?
Yes, As rider run company i would like to thank anyone that has support us, be that buying product or putting the word out about us on other websites etc, thanks guys and girls with more of this we can keep growing and support more people, events and grow as a importer /distro.As a rider i would like to say a big thanks thanks to my sponsors and all the people that hep me or have helped in the past.

Friday, 24 December 2010


big thanks to my fork sponsor marzocchi for making the best forks on the market and supporting me again in 2011, for the uk check windwave for all the fork specs.
All my factory MC bikes now run SENSUS grips.

with only a short winter snow ride on the forks so far and im already blown away by the 44 marzocchi 2011 fork, Over the coming weeks i will get some more time on all the forks and also some better pics once the weather picks up.

Lake District road trip

We did the 6 hour drive up to the Lake District National Park and checked out Whinlatter Forest Park and Grizedale Forest mtb trails, Grizedale has a top rep as a trail spot and it does have some cool xc trails, but for me i think whinlatters "The Altura Trail" has to be a trail to ride, provides 12 miles of challenging climbs, jumps and steep drops its one of the few xc trails that i have rode that i can see why drop posts would be a plus, This xc trails has some steep sections and even a bit north shore and some jumps all in the mix, well worth a visit what ever the time of year.

little xc play ride in the pow

Sunday, 19 December 2010

MC 2011

Mountain Cycle 2011... not long now!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

2011 build

2011 sponsor kits been turning up while i have been up at the lakes, full update in the next blog, but till then, looks like all my rides will be looking 2011 bling in the next few days..

Thursday, 9 December 2010

little sub zero local freeride

mc battery

trail ride

Elbry signs again for KBC

I got my first KBC helmet 11 years ago and joined the KBC factory team 7 years ago. Have a look at other sponsored riders that claim that they love the brand they ride for, Did they ride for them before they were sponsored?? Im a strong believer in the products KBC make since they are one of the leading helmet brands across the globe, KBC relentlessly strives to fuse the latest technological developments with stunning graphics to deliver helmets that are unrivalled in quality and style. I feel the PRO-X is the best lid on the market for freeride/dh riding and its been my lid of choice since it came in to production 3 years ago.
KBC PRO-X in tattoo strip colourway, My lid of choice for 2011.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

xc rd 1 photo

mid moors section on lap one, this guys about to get past after i sat on his wheel up the climb.
temp -6 at the start line!
end of the moors and a lot of ice on the trail as we put on a charge up through the pack.
8 speed rumble had no problems with the rolling terrain.

round two in the new year, can not wait to see how it pans out.
big thanks to for the killer new Shift top that we will be rocking for xc.