Sunday, 30 November 2008

Monday flashback

This photo was shot at my quarry boosting the main jump and was used in a KBC helmet cat for 2004

Saturday, 29 November 2008

more shore closed..

Haldons freeride area has been shut down, its not clear why, other than the people that built a lot of the area seem to be in a battle with the FC for much of the time and a lack of memebers to the builders club.. no news if it will open any time soon..

Chicksand closed! The north shore area has been closed for now because of insurance problems, it should be open again soon...

Oke shore has had some of its stunts removed, After the trees have been felled the shore should be put back by the okefreeride crew.

All three Oke runs are on my GOPRO head cam and now up

Friday, 28 November 2008

cyc-vibes no more..

Scott bikes leading south west shop run by Mr no nonsense himself Magnus has gone!, Cyc-vibes has been a key part of the exeter and south west dirt biking for core products... But the shop has gone, no word why or what magnus is up to..


BLACKMARKET bikes will now have hotlines-uk doing the import and distro in 09, so look for a lot more cool bikes at the trails next summer.

Monday, 24 November 2008

more photos!

you can check them on my what i will try and update more from now on as well! KBC photo shoot

two Oke shore vids from last week,

swingsaw line


Saturday, 22 November 2008

More of this in 2009!

Please do not poach this image and post it on other sites, If you want to run it or see other photos from the shoot please contact me
big week last week, got one of two photo shoots i hoped to have done and some video work from Oke shore as well...

Im working with some new photo guys for 09 and im so glad to hook up with this dude, my ridings going well right now and this guy knows how to catch it. Bring on 09!

photo by : KBC SHOOT,

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

out with the old, in with the new shore

SWE has its shore line growing each and every week, above the new skinny line, bellow the huck line.. good times..

(from back in the day, me riding on the SANDLAND & CO tour at Oke shore)

Oake shore looks like it will be no more in just 3/4 weeks, It seems the spot had had a lot of riders come from far and wide, But sadly the locals have not been so down to keep up with the day to day repairs and because of this plus felling work the shore will soon all go and its unclear if it will come back unless the locals fight for it..bad times..

Footage from Ronnie's Red Bull Experiment and X Games 14

Checkout some GOPRO action from Ron dog..


Can not wait, im doing some photos on friday! update next week on how it went..

Sunday, 16 November 2008

kbc starburst

By far the best lid i have ever had and thats because its the best lid on the market, The all new shell design has a different fit platform to any of the previous lids made by KBC before, the fits amazing and the qualitys off the latch, you also get for the great price of £200 a helmet sack and a helmet pit bag along with an extra peak.



my 09 goggles, Off the chain ! checkout the range of K-series colourways at you KBC dealer..
100% Lexan lens with perfect axial symmetry scratch resistant anti-fog UVA/UVB protective with tear off posts.
Super pliable injected 100%Polyurethane Grilamide TR-90 frame contucted of homopolymade nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength and high resistance to chemicl and UV damage. TR90 is virtually indestructible and it comes ith an outrigger system for even distribution of pressure and a better fit.
Triple layer foam
1st - Tight density closed cell fom for a complete face seal and comfort.
2nd - Open cell moisture absorbing foam that pulls sweat away from face and traps within for evaporation.
3rd - Super soft sweat mop fleece for non absorbing all day comfort.
Double buckle for easier adjustability, jacquard three color graphic strap with anti-slip silicone

monday flashback and mainline GOPRO headcam!

This mondays flashbacks a pic of me in the late 90's (97/98?), back in 98 i would be south west xc expert champ, second at the national champs in sport and 6th in the nps along with 4th in the single speed worlds. complete 2min mainline vid at coves now up

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Elbry signs for ...

I have just signed to ride for a bike company, i can not talk about it much on the net as yet.. But its big news for me, People will know that i got fed up of riding crap free bikes (i like most sponsored riders, you ride what they make not what you want to ride) and sent them back to buy my own some time ago, so joining up with a bike company again had to be right for both of us and i think with my roll both as a rider and even more as an r&d guy will be awsome, i can not wait to talk more about it, stay locked to my blog for more news as soon as i can :)

Friday, 14 November 2008


GOPRO vid of the organic track, Vid was shot in a big old rain storm with high winds blowing late in the afternoon..

last section..

Coves last sections up!

All the new KBC gears now in, i will get some pics next week!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Section four of the Cove secret mainline runs now up! rut, off camber, high speed, jumps and drops are all in this section, I love this area of the track..
check it!

final section on Friday!

metzger hits out again..

Mike has yet another new brand name? Last time it was Metzger brand, Now a year on its Metzger unlimited..

Jared on NEMA

Ventura, California (November 12, 2008)� Nema International is proud to announce that Jared Graves has joined the Nema family for the next two years!� Jared joins the Nema in the midst of an exciting evolution of a true mountain bike clothing brand.� With such a dominate force on the racing circuit, Jared is expected to solidify Nema�s presence on the mountain bike race circuit.�
"After seeing the gear they made for the rest of the [Yeti] team for the 2008 season, I knew they meant business, so when the opportunity came about to sign on for 2009 I knew it would be hard to pass up,� said Jared Graves.� �Nema is a good company that is into making the best riding gear,� and isn't just all about the bottom line, which is very hard to come by these days. So with that in mind I jumped at the chance!!!"Jared is respected as one of the world�s foremost gravity racers.� Even taking a majority of the 2008 season off, in order to concentrate on his Olympic dream, Jared still dominated every mountain bike race he entered.� Now that he�s back to racing mountain bikes full time, expect sheer dominance from Jared in 4x as well as being a top contender in downhill.� It�s going to be an exciting season!
�I�ve worked with Jared throughout the years at various brands.� At each of those companies, it was one of my top goals to bring Jared on board.� The same goes for him here at Nema.� He�s one of the few racers in the world that excels at every single discipline - Downhill Champ, 4X Champ, Slalom Champ & BMX Olympian,� stated Dylan Dean (Nema�s marketing & team manager). �Is there any wonder why he attracts so much interest?� He�s the perfect face for our brand!!!�
Expect to see Jared�s involvement with future Nema product lines, including a Graves signature line in the near future.� For more information on Nema, please visit� For additional information on Jared Graves, visit his personal website at
---About the company�Through its roster of high profile athletes, Nema International is recognized as a leader in riding & racing apparel for the mountain bike community.� Nema has continued to define the mountain bike apparel category, all the while staying true to the original goal� the product � fusing function & fashion for the world of mountain biking.� Led by team manager Dylan Dean, Nema sponsors mountain bike star athletes including Sam Blenkinsop, Justin Leov, Aaron Gwin, Team Yeti / Fox Shox, Brad Benedict, Ryan Condrashoff, Shaums March, Kieran Bennett, Elbry Sandland, Mick Hannah & many more!� For more information, visit Nema�s website at

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Video section 3 now online

This sections the glider section of the track as you get ready to dig deep on the lower slopes.

just some of the sexy 09 mde bikes range

for details and prices see

Monday, 10 November 2008

COVE part 2!

This section sorts the men from the boys, Great S bend with stumps on the turns if you get it wrong, You need to keep your speed and flow for the next section, plus you have to pump down on to the the road and i bubba scrub out and having to hold back a little not to blow past my riding buddy, Next sections a glide section and the bests still to come...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Monday flash back

MBUK shoot from about 10 years ago! spot was Cove and the bikes a carbon team REMEC.

section 1 vid

Cove secret track main line head cam from the GOPRO hero.
Each day this week i will be posting a section up...

First up Section one, this sections littered with roots and holding a line through the turns and getting up to speeds the key for then next section. Thanks to Marzzochi my bike carves better than most and i have this spot wired. Click bellow and check the firsts of 5 sections..
we have also added some other short GOPRO vids, so see
more details on the gopro go to :

Photo shoot coming up as soon as the weather changes :)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

More GOPRO/ Art and MY KBC 09 LID

KBC elbry "starburst" sandland lid will hit the UK in 2 weeks!
Sandland art on the new FRESHTEC whip.

few more GOPRO head cam movies have been added, click the link! see the new track @ cove and more...

im going to be working with top photo dude jonathan williams who shoots for the likes of Kris Brock and fellow FMX star Squibb.. Can not wait!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


For samoon see

Monday, 3 November 2008

GOPRO new trail

Heres a look at the top slopes of a new trail that we are building this winter up at cove.. see it grow and be filled with jumps right here on this blog.

for now check the fresh gopro hero vid

Sunday, 2 November 2008

GOPRO vid/ retro flash back/ ELBRY ON O'NEAL!

Thats right im now rocking O'neal protection for 09. If your like me you have done pads from 661, raceface, fox etc..etc.. Well get a set of these knee pads, Built to last (unlike 661) and great padding not only on the front but also on the sides, whats a key area as its the area of the knee that your frame hits in most crashes. Great pads and killer gloves. see hot-lines for your local dealer.Also check the latest with
ye thats right, this weeks flashbacks me blowing Boom Boom beaumont in to the weeds on a superspeed way race filmed by seb rogers of MBUK a few years back.

look how small it is! the GOPRO hero cams rock!

check the link to the first vid i have done with the GOPRO, next time i will run sound and talk my way through each vid, for now check my buddy tappy and i blazing the underground cove road crossing section on a wet, muddy and windy session this weekend,