Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lances new ride

Lance Mcdermott new LMD Saracen! Signiture Bike.

Ben Boyko on cove

his new ride

Friday, 29 January 2010


flat black metal mulisha style KBC K-SERIES GOGGLES from

new 2010 lid: kbc pro-x

Metal Mulisha sponsored and ready to rep it hard in 2010

bitching cool lid

flat black, just the way i like it, MM death squad

U.S. Olympic Team - Palmer misses the cut

South Lake Tahoe snowboarding pioneer Shaun Palmer's quest to participate in the Olympic Games at age 41 was denied when the team awarded Baumgartner the final snowboardcross spot. GUTTED FOR YOU PALM

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Elbry Sandland teams up with Ed Hardy & KBC for 2010

The Godfather of UK freeride Elbry Sandland
RRP £249.99

What can one person do in three years? If your Christian Audigier, you partner with the godfather of tattoo, create a new clothing company and make it one of the hottest brands in America. Using his unrivalled understanding of design, Christian has created a lifestyle brand that is quickly on its way to becoming a milestone on the fashion timeline.
This unique understanding is what makes the brand so compelling to retailers and consumers alike.
The past 20 years of fashion have been bless by the creative genius of Christian Audigier. He has left his indelible style on such brands as Diesel, Naf Naf, liberto, Levi’s. Kookai, American Eagle Outfitters and Lee. Christian join Von Dutch when they were still unknown, within a short time he transformed the brand into a powerhouse label known around the world. His charismatic and colourful approach to fashion filled a void. Christian’s inventively wild marketing reached out to celebrities and trendsetters to make the brand a true fashion commodity.
Christian Audigier left Von Dutch n late August 2004 in search of a story, he found it in Ed hardy, the godfather of tattoo.

Christian has taken the masterful tattoo art of Ed Hardy and created something unrivalled in concept. His vision has taken the art of tattoo to realms reserved for the hottest brands. Christian continues to run Ed Hardy designs making a tattoo lifestyle brand that is full of life and colour.
Christian was born in southern France in the city of Avignon. From the beginning he was drawn to the style that is rock and toll. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mick Jagger but lacked the singing voice. Christian then moved into fashion, building a resume that would awe any designer.

KBC goggles in @ RRC
K-Series Goggle (all colourways: red fade, blue fade,camo,flat black and carbon) £29.99
free postage throughout FEB & MARCH.
K-Series Lens (Clear & Dark) £4.99
K-Series Dual Lens (Clear) £7.99
K-Series Tear Offs (20pk) £3.99

Saturday, 23 January 2010

YOU ARE THE DADDY! Wade simmons to be a dad

Kudos to wade and his new wife, The godfather looks set to be a dad later this year .

Friday, 22 January 2010


Rider Run Co now deal with all MTB and BMX sales for KBC K-SERIES GOGGLES!
Check it out

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Above: Shot from last weekends mud fest..

Thanks to the boys @ MBUK for the name drop about my trail riding school what kicks off in the spring, its all set and ready to roll, i just need to sort some posters for the bike shops..anyone help me on this?

Monday, 18 January 2010

INTENSE 5.5 in DH mode..

race last weekend was short and tight and not that we ran the intense..
Last weekends race bike: INTENSE 5.5

2 of my rides on the dirt website

ABOVE: ID P60 complete for sale £650! new as most of it is.
BELLOW: MDE Pusher frame for sale: rrp over 2k just for the frame, quick sale £830 for the frame.

2 of my rigs got picked for the readers rides..

Sunday, 17 January 2010


early in the run pre-crash ragging the flat top section and keeping on the low in the Metal Mulisha gear.

run for it..

back from a run, feel remotivated after this weekends race, back from a run in a good time.

Thats racing..

this weekend was the race for cookies round 2 DH event down in Torbay, the weather was nasty and the track was real wet, still we got a few runs in this time after getting 7th in round one with one practice run, it was again clear the the locals ride these trails a lot and getting in the mix would be tuff, Still we picked a few lines that no other riders were doing or could do and i felt i could do well on the first track, Sadly by time we did our race run the track had got cut up real bad and the top was real slop, soon got out of shape on the top section and i just went for it after that, riding my little 5.5 intense the bikes brakes maybe more xc than big dh stoppers, but the bikes quick over the ground and i felt like i was making the time back up before i hit a log and got bucked off line what made me hit a root what made me throw it down the road in a big way, i got up but i was now on the short up hill and could not get going and it was a slow roll in to the finish from there.. turned out even with a big stack and a massive amount of time lost i still ended less around 25 seconds off the win, So we will now regroup after a disappointing start to the 2010 race program as thats just racing and get ready for more events in the coming months.
(note: from the crash i now have a broken finger). Big thanks to Tim and the crew for putting on a real fun event and i hope i get the chance to race there again.
Till next time
keep it pinned

Friday, 8 January 2010


Cool to get some shots on the legand that is Shiftracing website on the big A1 weekend!

thanks guys!

lifes so shit..

just when things look like they are rolling good my dads got cancer back again, were going to stay strong and fight the demon that is cancer.. because of this im not in the mood to ride my bike right now so the xc race this sundays off, i hope to be back racing the weekend after for the DH and be feeling stronger and more in to my dirt bikes again.. i love my dad..

other news, look for me on the news of the SHIFTMX website over the coming weeks.
thats all

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ibis Mojo HD

man and his machine..

lopes new ride..sweet as!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Elbry on Monster Energy

i will be again be riding for Monster Energy for 2010, this year i will get support from the UK side as well as the boys in the states.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Super happy to say im riding for Funn! Im stoked to get good backing from Funn for 2010, what means bars,stems and grips all from WWW.FUNNMTB.COM

Im in wideopen mag!

The latest issue of download mag WIDEOPEN has hit the net and my freeride sections rocking near the back as ever, Shocked and suprised to see the boys did not run the shots of esher and op trails i forwarded but grabbed some shots of me and ran them! Thanks guys :)

Name check! Im in Dirt magazine! hell ye!

Thats right i was hanging out @ the hair salon for my hot wife to have her hair cut when i spun through a new copy of Dirt magazine only to see i got named! Big thanks to pete/mike etc at Dirt!