Monday, 25 April 2016

UK Enduro

The racing year kicked off with a trip to round 2 of the UK Enduro series sponsored by Rocky Mountain Bicycles, The event had some great stages and the weather was perfect for some hot action, Having been based on the road bike over the winter it was nice to get on the Thunderbolt for 2 days and try and get back up to speed, Sadly my speed was way off on day one and just not as smooth or as flowing as i like to be and the times showed, On day 2 i was feeling more at home on the bike but i was still not happy with my pace and so just had fun on the bike. Still we had a great weekend with the Greenover/Rocky mtn crew and it felt good just to be back riding in the dirt. We will be back riding an event on exmoor this coming weekend as we try and build up some more speed on the mtn bike as we head in to Bikefest.