Monday, 14 April 2014

Enduro testing

Getting some seat time on my Rocky Mountain Bicycles team bike

road racing again...

so it seems it would pay off to know A, how many laps your doing and where the finish line is.. lol Race starts and we have a few riders putting elbows out and some skids.. not happy slide a bit to the back before we hit the climb, only for the guy a few bikes in front to drop his chain and a load of us pile in to each other.. Packs gone i get going and t a few get my wheel and we get up to 7 riders, We try to get a train line going but its not great, after a few C and F bombs are dropped myself and one other ride do most of the turns and soon our group drops to 3 riders, i ask how many laps.. one says 3 one says were doing 4 laps? i take it the finish will be soon after the second and steeper little climb as a marshal standing there doing bugger all each lap, we put the hurt on the climb and drop a rider and were down to 2 as we go over the short climb and buddy says we have one lap to go, so i say i will work with him and he can have the sprint (ye right) as long as the other rider does not catch us, so we stomp on, we get round to the climbs and i turn on the hurt and drop him up the long climb, he gains some ground back before we hit the little climb so i lite it up and get a bit more of a gap.. now wheres the finish line??? marshal has fuckd off.. must be near the start so now im a good 5 miles out with a guy 20 seconds behind me and im shit on the flats.. So i put in a bloody massive effort and i do gain time, only thing i go past a 1k sign so think 1 k to the finish? well a few miles later im back on the climb??? i must of mist a turning for the finish so end up doing another 10 + miles ... still great training!