Friday, 12 December 2014

xc rd 4 off camber xc

It was another great track made by the guys at off camber bikes, this time the crew added some fresh loam singletrack, With a second row start it was our best grid yet and high hopes of a good result coming off a 5th last time out, But as we hit the first hill i was getting passed.. Passed by riders i stomp past in the other rounds.. seemed like i could just not get going  (10 seconds slower than both other races?), by time we hit the singletrack it was full gas panic as i tried to make up spots and time, PBing just about every section it should of been going well but i could feel the rear tyre was soft and hitting the rim on hard hits.. I have a flat! by lap2 its clear the small group im with would be as good as we would do if the tyre stays up as the rain came down and we switched up our lines and put in another strong lap. We have a great battle but have to play it safe with very little air in my tyre, come the last lap and im up to speed and feel fresher than any race this year but hunting down the rider in front i washed out as i got stuck behind him and go down hard on my knee, we soon get going and charge back up to the guy in front only for the flat tyre to make me crash again! we are rolling again and finish 20 seconds behind the guy in front and a solid if not a bit gutted 9th spot, Next round should be a cracker with some good training over the coming weeks. thanks to off camber for putting on such a fun series on a great track.
 last section of the last lap
 pushing on
lap 1

Sunday, 23 November 2014

rocky mountain bicycles 2016 new DH bike..

how dam sexy is this!!! So long flatline in 2016

new dh bike for yeti cycles in 2015?

carbon dt wheels and a new yeti dh frame?

Jared Graves and his specialized venge?/ yeti..

Yeti road bike!!!! nope!

Yeti dont make a road bike, so it looks like a Venge for Jared to race over the winter.

Chris Horner Interview !

Top dude from the world of road racing Chris Horner. Well worth a watch.

part 1 , 2 . 3 . 4

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Off Camber XC series round 3

Having entered round 2 ( i did not race round 1) and had a lot fun i thought i would return for round 3, I don't have a 2015 Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt yet so had to make do with the TrailHead test bike. Having started at the back at the last round this time i got a mid pack start ( over 75 racers) and soon moved up just inside the top 20 as we got off the tarmac start straight and turned to hit the first climb. Well the plan went well till that turn, The rider in front washed out and took me down with him, by time i got my bike from his we were at the back, we powered up the hill passing riders before backing it down a little at the mid point not to blow up and pick off a few more riders before the top, we past more in the first single track section and soon had a clear bit of track to put the hammers down and hit the fast lines, we hunted the 2 riders in front down and by time the lap was done we had passed them and more! Lap 2 we got stuck behind a fast young rider that powered up the climbs but would slow us up on the single track, I got pasted in the end and hit the last lap with a small gap on the riders behind, At the top of the main climb the rider behind had made up some ground but i was happy that i could open that up as i was feeling fresh still,  Once in to the singletrack i was able to build a bigger gap and just had a real blast on the trail trying some new lines.

So at the end of the race we rolled in 5th! Stoked on the result but even more so on how i was riding, the track had more mud than three weeks ago and was a lot slicker making it a slower harder trail to race, yet i was able to go faster thanks to more seat time over the last few weeks on the mtb.
Thanks to the guys at Off Camber bikes for putting on a great little winter series that makes the 4 hours of driving worth while.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

off camber xc series

We dropped in to the second round of the off camber cycles xc series series this weekend, It was round 2 and a line up of 56 riders in the 19+ age cat set off around a great xc loop with lots of single track and flowing berms it has to be one of the best xc tracks i have raced on ever, After my pre race loop we got to the start just before the race kicked off so we were at the back, soon down the main tarmac track i moved passed a few riders and we hit the main climb, i stomped past more riders and could now see the lead group, sadly the pack had split and i was heading the second group by time we got through the first singletrack section, By lap 2 i was feeling my early effort and with a few riders on my heals i push on, But i failed to see a tape and got back on track having lost 2 spots and another rider was on me, by the end of the lap he went passed as well, we regrouped and past all 3 by time we were up the first climb and set off to hunt more riders down but the gap was not coming down and we came in a solid 9th. A great day out at the races and a welcome return to some xc for me, i hope to do a few more later in the series.
A big thanks to all at Off Camber cycles for putting on the event.

Monday, 13 October 2014

photo update

 Down the woods!

 back at my old local

 racing on exmoor

 road racing
 trail head triple crown year 3, wales
 on the road for Revo
trying cross for the first time

HANNY - Straight to the Rhythm Ep. 5

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

updates coming!

 Sorry for the lack of blog updates, we have been putting in the miles both in the dirt and on the road. All the latest will be posted in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sunday, 15 June 2014

my whip

If your after the best enduro race bike money can buy, or just want a bike that can hit road gaps, smash dh runs and climb almost as fast as it goes down hill then this is the bike for you, Having a real blast on this bike and smashing some strava times every time i throw a leg over it seems to be standard, The bikes stock other than sponsors parts (Kore bar and pedals, 66 Sick grips and saddle), The bikes fully loaded and ready to rip right out the box and lets not forget this bike looks so hot! Very cool bit of kit, full details hit this LINK . 

Enduro bikes dont come any better!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Well last year was my first Bike Fest and we got third in the paired 12 hour event and the plan was to come back stronger, Sadly even getting to the start was a long shot as i picked up a bug the weekend before what would keep me house bound all week, no riding, no work and proper ill it looked like i would not start, night before i made my mind i was going to the event and see how it went, well we did race and it was hard, the wet start made it a lot harder race than last year and the teams were a lot closer as we battled all day long, I might not have been as strong as i wanted but we kept putting out the best laps we could and we ended up 3rd again.
 Above and Bellow: early in the race on a wet slick trail

 above and bellow: later stages of the race, keeping the pace high.

above: 3rd place, epic race..
Bellow: rocking the retro @rocky mountain bicycles top on the last lap.

Road update

We raced the Thursday night Iton race and it lived up to its rep as a crash fest, mid race sprint would see three riders hit the floor and then on the last lap a crash mid way around would see more slide along the floor, as for me i stayed near the front and jumped off the front a few times and had a great workout, Next up Stags head road race with some good climbing it was a real good race, i ended up in the chase group and one of the strongest riders, Maybe my strongest showings so far this year as we gear up for BikeFest!!