Sunday, 23 November 2014

rocky mountain bicycles 2016 new DH bike..

how dam sexy is this!!! So long flatline in 2016

new dh bike for yeti cycles in 2015?

carbon dt wheels and a new yeti dh frame?

Jared Graves and his specialized venge?/ yeti..

Yeti road bike!!!! nope!

Yeti dont make a road bike, so it looks like a Venge for Jared to race over the winter.

Chris Horner Interview !

Top dude from the world of road racing Chris Horner. Well worth a watch.

part 1 , 2 . 3 . 4

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Off Camber XC series round 3

Having entered round 2 ( i did not race round 1) and had a lot fun i thought i would return for round 3, I don't have a 2015 Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt yet so had to make do with the TrailHead test bike. Having started at the back at the last round this time i got a mid pack start ( over 75 racers) and soon moved up just inside the top 20 as we got off the tarmac start straight and turned to hit the first climb. Well the plan went well till that turn, The rider in front washed out and took me down with him, by time i got my bike from his we were at the back, we powered up the hill passing riders before backing it down a little at the mid point not to blow up and pick off a few more riders before the top, we past more in the first single track section and soon had a clear bit of track to put the hammers down and hit the fast lines, we hunted the 2 riders in front down and by time the lap was done we had passed them and more! Lap 2 we got stuck behind a fast young rider that powered up the climbs but would slow us up on the single track, I got pasted in the end and hit the last lap with a small gap on the riders behind, At the top of the main climb the rider behind had made up some ground but i was happy that i could open that up as i was feeling fresh still,  Once in to the singletrack i was able to build a bigger gap and just had a real blast on the trail trying some new lines.

So at the end of the race we rolled in 5th! Stoked on the result but even more so on how i was riding, the track had more mud than three weeks ago and was a lot slicker making it a slower harder trail to race, yet i was able to go faster thanks to more seat time over the last few weeks on the mtb.
Thanks to the guys at Off Camber bikes for putting on a great little winter series that makes the 4 hours of driving worth while.