Wednesday, 30 September 2009

SHIFT 2010

over the years i have run a lot of shift designs.. cool stuff..

i have always been a fan of Shift mx gear, just love the styles and cut.

You can get your hands on some of the 2010 gear as of this week @

good times

above: MDE keeper 4x with the forks out and post up, xc/all mtn mode.
bellow: MDE keeper 4x with the forks a little more slammed and the seat post for play riding

open face troy lee: great lid for freeride when the big kbc's not needed
bellow; my dirt lid for the trails

bellow: giro i ride for xc and all mtn type stuff..

above and bellow; the p60! tight, low slung and rides mint,
over the last few weeks we have been heading to north devon, no not for the surf.. Park trails at barny, not what you would call king of dirt size but a nice set to get back in to trails and i have been loving it on the p60, plus tonight we got a quick xc spin @ haldon what was real fun, can not wait for that new long trail to be open, dh and combe sid maybe on sat as i just got a wide hero! so look for some new edits :) , plus i hit up tivy bmx track for just a quick lap the other night.. way better than before. looking forward to trying it on the intense bmx soon.

till next time!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

more than 20 years in the game..

I started out mtbing back in the late 80's and hit my first race in the winter of 89, i got third and was picked up to ride for local shop team No Sweat, for the next 4 years i stayed loyal and stayed on the team picking up help from powerbar and a few others along the way, in the 4 year stretch i would race 2/3 times a month and never finished outside the top 3 in 4 years of racing uphill,xc and dh.. by time i was in my my last year as a junior, i was slaying it, taking back to back wins @ the ride for life event in north devon on a sat and taking woodbury on the sunday, after that race i quit.. cars and partys took over for a while before i picked up a local news paper and read about a local guy taking a win.. I was pissed, i trained for the next few months and returned to racing xc in sport and then expert class xc and hitting the odd dh event. I soon found myself riding nationals and racing on the road and doing tt's. Soon the tech sections i loved were gone in xc and the singletrack had turned in to wideopen power sections, It was time to move on.. In the winter i had took up snowboarding and this was now where i got my buzz in the mid to late 90's, I spotted a USA mtb magazine on some guy free-riding and it looked like snowboarding on a bike.. still racing xc now in europe i would head to the quarry and hills and ride with the dh boys and started building freeride trails, By late 98 i did my last race and took the south west series in experts and 7th in the nps in sport, some top 40 results in europe and had started to do shoots with MBUK magazine.. I was now doing more freeride than xc and by 2000 had found trails, dirt jumping was such a cool feeling, all about being tech with your lines and having flow, just my style, for the next few years i would ride trails most days and by the mid 2000's i was in my prime, going big in the quarrys and the new fad of shore riding was just like tight tech singletrack that were in my roots, still doing magazine shoots and road trips i did the shore tour, first time out on the new transition bike and had a blast for 7 days, By the end of it i had showed i was one of the best shore style riders in the UK, add this to a 30 foot huck i had done on a hardtail i had shown my big line skills as well, talk of more shoots in the mags sounded cool but for me i wanted to get back to my riding, just killing it in the hills away from the posers and the glamour that had took over the freeride world in the uk.. soon after i went a little off the rails with news of my dad having cancer the night i got back from the shore tour and burnt some bridges and quit some sponsorship deals and did things my way.. few years later and now im back, still killing it in the hills and having fun, got some cool sponsors that want to be apart of what i am and help with R&D and other areas away from just magazine shoots, This year i have hit up a 4x and made the main along with doing the exmoor enduro event. For the rest of the year and for 2010 i only see things on the up and its not the last for the free-wheeling punk rocker. i still love the sport, love helping promo it and my sponsors and love riding what ever type of riding it is..

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Mini mde crab. the new boulderS will have easton rad tubes for 2010.

Friday, 18 September 2009

2010 boulder..

if i get in to doing more marathon and xc style riding, this could be on my wish list.. the all new 2010 Boulder

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

my address to the bloggers

above: on the phone.. work, work, work!
bellow: its not a bad part of the world where we live!
Hi all and thanks for hitting up my blog! spread the word troops, things are going well this week, sure i got back from a quick xc spin @ haldon to find a nail in my tyre and no air in it, but still, two short xc spins so far this week and a nice night down at the beach with the dogs and its not even mid week, i should have my new jump bike rolling in the next few days and hope to get another session in at combe syd this sat, till next time bros, check me on blogger and get some vandal design decals from me! £3 a pair! bargins

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Best solo session in years

Hi all, well after some play riding /freeride two weeks ago, some marathon riding last weekend this weekend we headed up to combe syd and its national dh track, we took both the MDE pusher and the MDE 69, Turned out i got the 69 out the van first and never put it back all day and just sessioned the big track on the big bike, It was so cool, not been to CS in about 11 years, tracks not changed that much but its only like an hour away from where i now live so its going to see me a lot more over the winter, this weekend it was bone dry and rolling so fast, the top bus stop sections are just so fun, loved it so much, Ewart! lets get some head cam of me and you on it!!, got back and headed to the beach with the wife and 4 of our dogs.. A good sat.. happy vibes
P.S top section of Cove has a tree down, rest of the tracks fine, rather than remove the tree, we are thinking of turning it in to a jump, so look for that over the winter.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

exmoor marathon done and dusted

MDE not looking so box fresh after a long hard day in the hills.
well we did it! 75k in 7 hours made us one of the first home, its a savage event but i have to say, im already looking forwad to giving it another bash next year, with a little more notice so both me and the bike i dialed for it.

Friday, 4 September 2009


Im off to the Big Bro finals right now!, then after that shindig we will be driving throught the night to make the start line for the exmoor event! his a quick pic of my THE f-14 helmet that i will be riding in at the event fresh with some haldon dirt after a quick spin last night..

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

built and ready to ride

MDE keeper 4x built for the 75KM exmoor mtb marathon ..