Tuesday, 30 September 2008

worldwide update

check your couch for loose change, & break out your check books! The highly anticipated Tara Llanes Fundraiser is ready to rock on PINNEDmtb.com!
The "FB event "from Barel now has a website, Its an enduro race like no other... check the web for more details

Vandal destruction tour has been put on hold as MBUK are stacked right now with articals.. Real shame as im on the top of my game right now.. lets hope its just on hold and it still goes ahead as its going to be rad..

The REDBULL Rampage returns this weekend! look for my man bourdo to be sending..

If you want a black or a white samoon, order asap, RRC has the only ones in the world and they are selling fast! www.riderruncompany.co.uk

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Another great week, put in two super fast runs up at cove, felt super quick and very happy with my riding, on the hedge jump i landed on the road! Thats fast!

Also a quick session on the Organic track went well, that tracks very very fast in the dry and we picked some new lines.

We ended the week with a dirt jump session down at the trails, this was cut short after a table went wrong when the bars went under/in my tee and i landed on my right knee, so now i will have a few days off the bike to let the knee go down. still i feel real happy with my riding

TT FREERIDERS DIG DAYS!/ track updates

SW Extreme are having a dig sessions and prepare for its shore area on the 4/5th October. The park will also be open both days for riding as well as building. Soth West extreme have also agreement for the regular use of a digger over the winter along with £2,000 worth of wood to help kick off its shore area. Look for further details in a future blog.
for more details on all thngs SW EXTREME see

Also if you have not looked through the old posts Exeter has a brand spanking new BMX track and you can sign up to ride it for just £5 a year!

Also Tiverton BMX crew have just got £100,000 to rebuild its bmx track in 2009..



never used for street, small scratch on top tube from a rub on a box as its spent most of its life in the lock up at riderruncompany, built for some photos of a complete, used to get milk, so not trashed. bargin. rrp £270 new, BARGIN £170 FRAME SPEC: http://www.riderruncompany.co.uk/SAMOON/samoon.htm

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

2009 KBC

new Prox and some cool new colourways for 2009


Not long now till the second ever Vandal clothng destruction tour kicks off, Five years since the last dirt jump based tour the new Take2 being freeride based. Returning riders from the first tour look set to be Damo and Davage along with myself, Joining us will be members of the Vandal clothing team and locals from each spot. Once again MBUK magazine will be covering the action for a future issue.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


VANDAL CLOTHING decals are now in, new icon logo, in purple or white, £1 each while stocks last. contact me on bsxworld@tiscali.co.uk


(on the organic track and just hitting the double step drop in to the lower slopes)
(keeping it fluid on the organic tracks off camber mid run)

Its true! im riding in NEMA riding gear and im real happy with the look and style of its 08 and 09 clothing. NEMA have a UK importer/ distro now in 2pure and im very happy to be riding for the brand and being its main freerider for the UK. i have a few more things coming down the pike so keep coming back..

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Elbry Sandland 2009 sponsor photoed

This spy shot shows me today puting in some time on my MDE Pusher in my new sponsors ride gear.. what brand could it be... details in the next blog on Monday!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mini Mayhem

Monte Carlo mini event this year will have two Sandland team cars in the charge down to Monte and back, Drving a gray cooperS for J Sandland Architecture And Chartered Surveyors will be J.Sandland while E & B Sandland will be driving a cream CopperS for Freshtec LTD. Details of how it went on in a future blog.


From the people that gave us the much loved CLIF BAR and SHOTS comes the new CLIF SHOT BLOKS. This 95% organic energy shot works so well for mtb rider, Simply take 3/6 bloks per hour with a little drop of water to keep you topped up on your ride, Works a lot quicker and better than energy drinks such as redbull,monster or rockstar. Comes in a simple pack what would be cool if it could be resealed.. other than that it rocks, put the little bag in your camelbak pocket or stash them in a pocket and enjoy your rides even more. 2 thumbs up,

To find a dealer see 2pure here in the UK.
T: 0844 8112001 F: 0131 319 2463web: www.2pure.co.uk

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

VANDAL LINE: last batch

Pin evo: new pinstripe colourway just for this hood.
Pinstripe: Now a classic, Again only limited numbers made of the pinstripe team tee for Vandal and RIDERrunCOMPANY.co.uk tee.

DMC: it seems every clothng brand now has a DMC style tee, We were the first dirt bike brand to make one! almost out now so hurry if you want one.. Ride like a rock star: This was a tee i designed more than 10 years ago! back in small numbers in the new blue colourway.

Heart and soul: every diehard mtb rider should have one! Elbry sandland art work as ever..

Clothing to give you motivation!

the Vandal born 2 ride tee comes from a sketch i did after a great day dirt jumping @ the trails last winter, Limited numbers printed so hurry if you want one.

INTRESTED IN AN CLOTHING: contact me bsxworld@tiscali.co.uk £16 a tee post free, £25 for hoods.(limited numbers of each design)

RIP Park trails

Vandal destruction tour 5 years ago ended at the park trails. This photo was also used as a poster for 24-seven bikes..
it looks like park trails are gone for good, The small trail spot in barnstaple has been a key riding area for the north devon local bmx and mtb riders over the last 10 years, but it seems that this time the land owners having no more trails built on its land..


this is my Samoon 24, thanks to the crap summer, this bike has had almost no action, still if we have a small window of good weather im going to be at the trails getting some more time in on it. its also the bike i do my intervals on. rides so well and its so light and easy to whip, So much so i got throught the trails at stoke woods on my first roll through :)

sanko butted and heated tubes, low slung and a slammed rear wheel (shorter stays than a black market, less weight as well) means this thing rules.

Check the frame spec and colour options by going to http://www.riderruncompany.co.uk/

look for one in MBUK very soon.

Monday, 15 September 2008

mini bikes, 69's and hucking...

Monday night i went to Rotor, the well known huck spot that still after years of being posted on the net im the only rider to send all the drops, i have not been hucking in about 18months and i was feeling it as i rolled in, But it all came good, I hit all the drops and even did the hip drop what i have only ever done with people about incase it all goes wrong as its a tech drop, So im feeling good and im riding well and i can not wait to get this MBUK shoot done, i may go back for another session later in the week if the weather holds as the landing was real soft on the main huck and i was only landing about 25ft and you can go a little further to 30 when the landings dry. I have to say i was shocked at how well the ATA air 66 forks worked on the pusher, In the past we have run fat 24" tyres/wheels and big forks for the drops and here i was on a mid stroke bike with air forks and 26 by 2.5 tyres and landing it smooth. Props to the bike and parts i now ride and my sponsors : The, Kbc, Marzocchi, windwave, Fro etc..
69's all built and riding well, the shock and 888 forks are tuned and feeling butter soft with no harsh bottoming,

check the latest shocks and forks at http://www.windwave.co.uk/

Over the weekend i thought i would get my Thumpstar pro looking fresh and ready for some action over the coming months, I plan on putting in some more mini bike time over the winter as i feel it helps my MTB riding.

looking stock

looking rad with its sikspak decals
you can get SIKSPAK in the uk from http://www.riderruncompany.co.uk/

Friday, 12 September 2008


Hardy / KBC collabration of the best helmet made and art and style that has made Ed Hardy a worldwide name in the world of art and design.



Tattoo artist and fashion style icon Ed Hardy has teamed up with KBC helmets, im not sure if this lid will be out in the UK in 09?

but its the best looking lid ever! So badass, so Hardy....stunning

The lid being the all new pro level 2009 PROX from KBC helmets.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

09 products are coming..

Marz 09 66's and 888's are looking hot
Its that time of year when 2009 products start hitting the press and the bike shows, Eurobike was last week and interbikes just around the corner.
check some euro photos

Nema have been putting out some of the smartest clothing in MTBing for the last few years, they now have a UK importer and distro and a killer looking range for 09.Check it!
Dez and Andy from the Vandal clothing freeride team have hit up most of the south wests top riding spots over the last week and should be heading home this sunday, Sadly they did not have time on the last weekend to come ride my spot..another time fellas.
i got offered a deal for 09 from METZGERBRAND clothing, I will not be riding for metz as i have a deal done and dusted for 09 what i will blog more about next week.
Paul from the bike shed barnstaple along with damo and ewart from Vandal clothing look to be on the 09 Vandal destruction tour next month along with myself.

GO-PRO Hero/ MAFIA trail session

It seems the little Go-Pro hero cams are all over the dirt world right now, Maddo had one at the last FMX X-Fighter, Team Yam riders have had them on its riders at all the SX and MX events and i got my chance to try one back on a dark winter day in Feb this year when i went to the Mafia trails for the first time. Mafia local and Vandal clothing rider ewart had one and we slapped it on in seconds to my lid and hit up the track. check more details on the Go-Pro by going to http://www.goprocamera.com/

Check ewarts blogs and my head cam action from the Mafia spot


Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Monday..ride then wash the bike... Tuesday.. ride then wash the bike..

proper blog coming soon..

Monday, 8 September 2008

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Get your copy of "THIS IS THE ORDER" issue One now from viceland.com,

great mag full of killer art and people behind it. worth getting and right now its free if your quick!


the new Vandal decals are in stock! get yours for just £1 each, contact me bsxworld@tiscali.co.uk

My new MDE bikes Pusher swingarm has just turned up, Its just 5mm longer than the first proto i was riding, but it has made the bike even more stable and even better at railing turns..


Vandal clothing Team riders alex and ben sporting the Heart and Soul Tee down at the trails.

get vandal from www.riderruncompany.co.uk