Monday, 24 March 2014

Dissapointing race at Modbury

Modbury race looked like fun, few more hills and 80 riders, But the race was over before it started.. The car went off and so did most of the bunch as we had a few miles before the flag drops and racing starts, Then we waited as the bikes went out then they let us off.. Well that was it race over, the car had gone off so fast the bunch had sprinted before the race had started to get the free draft and our small group had been screwed over... We set off hard to catch and we soon shelled a few in our group of about ten riders that then quit the race, We soon picked off a few riders from the main group and ended up with 3 MDCC riders and 3 Wheelers plus a range of other clubs. MDCC at first set the pace but it was slow and we all then joined in at the front and pushed the pace on and our group picked off more riders, By the last lap we had a few solid cat3 boys and now we had about 6 Wheelers and the pace was now being pushed along and a few more riders got shot out the back, Coming in to the final climbs a lone rider jumped off the front of our group and had a good 5/6 second lead and looked to be getting away, I moved up the pack and then put down some power jumping off the front and soon catching the lone rider before the top of the hill and kept going, As we made the turn in to the finish i had a look back waiting to see all the Wheeler and MDCC boys on my wheel but i had a lead and so put my head down and stomped in to the finish ahead of the pack with ease. Cant wait to get on the Rocky Mountain Bicycle next weekend for some real riding.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ilton racing

Flat, Sprinters track, Crashing, thats wht seems to come up when talking of Ilton but i thought i would give it a go, Turned out a lot of fun, Not a lot of action till one lap to go and then the pace went up as it was clear we were going to all stay and a bunch sprint looked on the cards, Things started to go a bit sinlge file with a few turns to go and i was down in about 20th spot, I moved up coming in to the last turn and then had a great three way sprint for the line coming in 13th.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

New whip

 We have just got back from our 4 day trip to Scotland to find my new road bike has turned up! Good times and such a quick bike, Strava PB's & KOM's already racked up. This weekend we will be racing at Ilton.


Thanks to the MoreDirt crew for this little feature.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring race 3

The last round and again in group2 of 3 and we make a pack to work with each other and with a good group of lads we put down the watts and show how lucky some people were to get away with results in the other two rounds. Not only do  we catch group one in under 10 miles we drop group 3, Our first lap was faster than any lap a Cat4 did in the complete series and faster than most of the Cat123 riders. Out of my Strava followers my lap was quicker than any lap done by Myles Gerrard, Peter Housley, James Davey, Liam Bard, Martyn Leach, Julian Moger, Nick Weddall and my training buddy Stu Ross. Lap 2 was also a fast lap, my second fastest ever, Sadly i picked up a slow flat on the final lap and paced in to the finish. Great three weeks of racing and just goes to show what you can do with just 4 hours a week of riding if you have some talent, Time to get the hard work done now ready for the summer.