Monday, 23 February 2009


what ever drink sponsor you have (Monster energy) one head cam rules..GOPRO ! I started building yesterday on a new line for a GOPRO filmed section whats a multi road jump line that we will film on the new WIDE hero from GOPRO.

ABOVE: dan athertons 3 speed dh rig.
BELLOW:Dan took the win in his new animal/nissan kit over his bro @ the moab dh. Shimano Winter Series #4 in the USA was a Eric Carter show, Taking the win in both the DH and the mtn-x for his new GT team,
The local paper just ran a feature on my last half a million pound building development job for the outstanding work i did whats cool, WIDEOPEN download mag will be out in mid March, Once again i will have my freeride section but till then my bros got my back with this

South West Extreme / MACE GEAR shoot

MACE Gear f *cking rules! cool designs and the best cut kit i have ever used.

Look for these shots to be used on the 2009 UK Mace site soon.

this black and white shots pure class..great over view of the dirt jump area and a sick moto looking hip shot.

knees in and bars to chest, just nice clean style! boom!!

props to

SWE such a good spot, Soon to have a flowing 4x track, some good looking trails been built and some other fun play trails all in the works makes it a great spot for a days riding come the summer.
Thanks to everyone at South West Extreme / TT freeriders. ( )

Sunday, 22 February 2009


MACE GEAR AND ELBRY SANDLAND.. ANY QUESTIONS? Thats right.. Mace and Elbry what else would you think? Elbry doing his thing..his way..If you don't like it hit the highway. whut.. lol

Saturday, 21 February 2009


last week i signed for a new technical outwear clothing brand for 2009, With things changing at o'neal (glove sponsor) and only a small amount of support from Nema it was the right time to get things in order and sort some ubba bubba cool technical outwear threads to ride in this year, I wanted to ride for a brand that was pure mtb and had the right fit as a team and company for my style of riding and would support me well. Im happy to say i have found my new outwear sponsor and we were at SWE today getting some basic shots done and checking the new 4x track work and having a big session in the jump area that turned out to be a lot of fun. off to the beach in the morning wth the wife and our 6 dogs..

Friday, 20 February 2009

Mafia shoot (part 2)

Sending the main huck, we spent most of the day trying not to over jump this gap thanks to the trail being so dry and fast rolling. props to ewart and all the mafia crew for letting us come and session the spot for the day, we will be back!

trademark snarl as we rip the turn.
railing the turn and charging

another run done, head up and hit it harder..

drag the bars as we carve the turns

thats what you call focus.

focused..mind of a demon

cool shot off a ladder, pop

lost shot

from the KBC shoot.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

MAFIA photo shoot Part 1

We went out and slaughtered this spot last weekend, this was the first time riding the MDE 69 and i was blown away with how well it rides. Click the photos to make them bigger.

boom boom on fox

kudos to my buddy scott who once again will be racing for rocky mtn uk and has switched from thor to fox clothing and helmets.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


update on what went down and more photos later in the week, We are now working on some articals for so look out for that real soon, Also some changes are going on at O'neal so we will have a new clothing sponsor news update in the coming week. good times

Monday, 16 February 2009

new batch of DH tees

last ever run, anti hero, anti sponsor tee in stock

Friday, 13 February 2009


Hell ye, one year on and im making my second trip to the under ground riding spot known as mafia freeride trails, Armed with ladders and saws we are helping cut back some trees that have landed on the tranny of the main huck before having a session and doing a small shoot for MDE bikes on my monster energy 69 bike.. Cool, lets hope the weather holds off.. On other news a guy from pinkbike got arty with some of my photos, will post some more but till then.. see the one above.

its all going on over at cannondale..

Firm unveils plans to bolster international sales presence with eight new positions
Cannondale Sports has revealed that it is reorganising its international sales force by creating eight new roles that will focus on regional opportunities around the globe. The restructuring will have two main effects, according to the firm – additional focus in the CSG portfolio (comprising Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose), while also giving region-specific increased and improved customer service. Jeff Weiss will take on the role of director of International Business Development with effect from March 1st. The new position will see Weiss collaborate across brands and provide support to regional developments. Weiss will leave his position as director of International Sales for the Schwinn and Mongoose brands to take on the new role. Meanwhile Cannondale has begun recruiting for vice president sales and marketing Asia Pacific to head up the firm’s efforts in the region, based in the Taichung office.
Three regional distributor directors will be appointed from March 1st, with each position responsible for leading distributor business across the four brands – Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose – in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Finally, from April 1st three regional sales co-ordinators will be recruited for supporting business across the four brands and regions as above.President of CSG International, Jeff McGuane, said: “The increasingly competitive nature of global markets today requires that we continuously question our business assumptions and operating models. “We are confident that these changes will fuel significant growth and help us secure clear market leadership in the years ahead.”

Thursday, 12 February 2009

intense proto

This is the refined version of the M6 evo we were prototyping last season based on racer input from Matti Lehikoinen & the boys from CRC team.The frame features the G3 adjustable drop out and a new Adjustable headtube with + or - 1 degree. The headtube is very simple & light and uses the same bearing peices as the internal 1 1/8" flush headsets in the rotaiting cups. You can still use a standard with this setup .The frame has the ability to run both the 10.5X 3.5 shock for 9.5" travel and a very m6 type feel or the 9.5X 3" shock for 8.5" travel and a livlier feel while maintaining the same leverage ratio. The mono tubes have been slimmed down and the frame comes in at 9.2 lbs

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

RIP Jeremy Lusk

no more worlds needed..

Monday, 9 February 2009

lost shot

this shot was on JW's myspace.. Looks cool and was not on the photos i got sent, So check it out! This hucks not as big as some i have done but its one of the most tech as you come in and corner around the tree to send the sniper tranny, You can see some marks on the tranny, This was from JW sliding down to remove the ice off the landing.. Wild shoot. Killer shot.

jeremy lusk needs your help..!!
watch the vid and then do the right thing..
Jeremy Lusk was transported to Calderon Hospital in San Jose, where he now remains in a medically induced coma, in stable, but very critical condition where doctors are closely monitoring the swelling on his brain.-Post-crash, suspected brain trauma required immediate surgery to treat a subdural hematoma on the brain.-Surgery lasted 4 hours and 30 minutes.-X-rays were done to the neck and spinal column and no breaks are being reported by hospital.-When asked about injuries to other parts of his body, hospital is not reporting other injuries at this time.-Jeremy was attended to by the head of neurological surgery, Dr. Jorge Ramirez.-Doctors report that they will know more Jeremy's future prognosis within the next crucial 36 to 48 hours.
Contact has been made with the Critical Care Trauma Unit at Calderon hospital, where the unit charge tech, confirmed all of the information above
An emergency fund to help defer the costs of Jeremy Lusk's medical care has already been established and is set up to take donations immediately. Through the quick-moving efforts of the Athlete Recovery Fund, those interested in making a donation may do so by visiting and clicking on the “make a donation” button.
All donations made through this website, starting TODAY, are earmarked directly for Jeremy Lusk's care! Financial arrangements are being put into place to pay for the Medi-Vac international air transportation that Jeremy will need once he is stable and can be transferred to a leading United States-based Head Trauma Center. It is likely that these funds will be needed within the next few days; therefore immediate donations are certainly appreciated

get shreddin

just a killer black and white to get your mondays started!

Friday, 6 February 2009

to days essential foot wear..

My Palmer sig boots only get to feel the slopes of Cham, Not today, Exmoor essentials !

Thursday, 5 February 2009


This was from last night and its still snowing.. no mtb bike riding today. off to jib some rails on the snowboard

Freestyle BMX to be introduced at London 2012

British Cycling's performance director yesterday told MPs, peers and bike big-wigs that street BMX would be at London Olympics
Dave Brailsford, British Cycling's performance director yesterday told MPs, peers and bike big-wigs that racing BMX would be joined by freestyle BMX at the London Olympics.[Pic shows Lord Berkeley, Dave Brailsford, Shanaze Reade, and Bernard Jenkin]."It's very strongly rumoured that 'park' BMX, or freestyle, will be introduced before the 2012 Olympics," said Brailsford in front of a select audience at a Westminster reception hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. To laughs from the audience, he said: "The information I'm getting is I'll be performance director of street BMX so I will have to go and get my hoodie and baggie shorts."

Brailsford was at the reception with BMX racer Shanaze Reade. His entertaining talk featured an aborted scheme to make Ed Clancy faster (it was all to do with cinching in Clancy's skinsuit at the collarbone) and he revealed the Beijing Olympics skinsuits have all been shredded for protection from industrial espionage. The suits were made in cloak and dagger fashion, with the fabric sourcer and the hand-sewer unaware of each other's indentities.

Brailsford also called for Britain's golden successes in the Beijing velodrome to lead to increased participation in cycling before the London Olympics in 2012. "What British Cycling is trying to do now is to take the same focus and drive as for the Olympic Games, and apply it to the participation drive," he said.Wearing jeans and a British Cycling shirt emblazoned with the Sky TV logo on the collar and arms, he praised the reach of the broadcaster, saying the commercial link-up between Sky and British Cycling was invaluable, especially at targetting children."We are aligned to increase participation through international success," said Brailsford. "It makes no sense my standing here as cycling performance director unless we connect back."The reception in the House of Commons also heard from Kulveer Ranger, Boris Johnson's transport chief, and David Brown, managing director for Surface Transport at Transport for London. They stressed the importance of having a cycling mayor and that they were charged with massively increasing cycling in London before 2012.The goal is to one in 10 commuters to travel by bike in London. Brown said that the velib-style bike hire scheme was currently accepting tenders for the running of the scheme, with 20+ companies putting in bids.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

SX so far

check this vid of the Monster energy AMA supercross so far, its been epic.. A3 this weekend and Reed needs to win to hold his points lead!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Volunteers are needed that want to build @ the freeride area, till a team of trail building locals are found the area will be closed. If trail builders (best if your local) do not come forward it looks like it will be the end of the freeride area. If you think you can help then contact the Haldon FC up at the hub.


vandal team rider dez steps up
vandal team rider steps down (crash)

NOT EVEN THE SNOW WILL STOP THE VANDAL THREADS FROM GETTING TO US ON EXMOOR! New batch in today, still on sale right now for just £11 posted in the uk! hurry..


Monday, 2 February 2009

Big House off yeti../nema/carter...

Eric Carter getting to grips with his new GT ride for 09

new revovler range for 09 from Nema

3d painted bell for BH, who will be riding for monster yet again.

Rich Houseman has parted ways with long time sponsor yeti and has now sort a deal to ride intense frames.
sponsors : Intense Cycles, Fox Racing Shox, Bell, GIRO Eyewear, Stone Brewery, FOX Clothing, Kicker, Dylan Dean Designs, Intense Tires, ODI, MTB Strength Training, Finish Line and IceToolz.
From Rich Houseman: I’m proud to announce that I’ll be riding Intense Cycles in 2009. At this stage of my career, I felt it necessary to align myself with companies that have similar goals to mine. Intense has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m very excited to open up this new chapter in my career. I’ve always been a huge fan of Intense bikes, and to finally throw a leg over one is truly an honor. With Intense being a stones throw from my house, I can honestly say I feel at home with the brand! For more information, go to