Tuesday, 28 July 2009

COVE session

Headed in to the hills today with a couple of the new young rippers from barnstaple, It was my first real ride since my big off a few weeks ago and my shoulders still not 100%. Still cove was super wet and i had made some setup changes to the bike so was keen to see how the day would turn out. First off was a couple of runs down the mainline, The boys were finding it hard to go quick on a new track and even with my shoulder i felt ok holding on etc..

After that we headed over to the road jump line and had a couple of hits and the shoulder felt ok and i felt good on the bike by the second hit even in the wet dirt. After that we headed over to the quarry for the first time in a long time, we ended up at the little kid jumps what are a lot of work on the fullys, still we had some nice whips on and the shoulder was sore by this stage, then we hit the road back to the van where i waited for the young guys to keep up! so im now resting the shoulder but happy with the way it felt and how im riding, i also ordered my new bike :) when i got home... were not talking mtb?? i also sold my mini bike and feel its time for some sexy wheels for the T5! TILL NEXT TIME.

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