Friday, 17 July 2009

fashion trails...platform game trails..

see-saw shore style stunt..
keeping it natural

hunt down new spots..
Whats going on, Fads thats whats going on! UK riders were living with riding and building in the mud and the rain out in the woods, duck tape your shoes and session in the rain, build with the land thats around you, but today it seems to be about trying to belong to a scene thousands of miles away from our own, North Shore riding.... Fad of the decade, Riders look like failed trials riders, no speed.. its all seems slow balance work and cheater 3" stabilzer rear tyres.. At a time when we have some of the best dh racers and dirt jumpers our small splinter group of so called uk freeriders are failing to find there own style in a fully fledged big sell on the shore riding thats far from the tradition of no frills UK not giving a fuck riding of the past, People spend hours seeing what underwear a riders sporting in a pic rather than what the trail looks like that his just blazed..It seems some riders are not intrested in the soggy, dirty, unfashionable world of riding in the woods and building flowing singletrack and freeride trails. happy to refuge in magazines and the net, dreaming of nailing some planks to make a complete trail from bits of wood that could of been made from the soil and rocks.. More of the worlds riders are looking at UK riders, magazines like Dirt and we need to show the world that the UK has a freeride scene thats pure UK and not a fag copy of other lands..
embrace the land we live in, Go build a trail this year that has no wood stunts in it unless its needed! Some shore stunts once in a while can be fun, but the over kill of total shore line trails are just not needed ( even more so the ones that just do a loop..).

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Tom said...

Agree with evrything you said. Thank the gods for wild, rocky, Dartmoor.
To much Shore sucks, fast, flowing or rough and sketchy is the way

Tom Kp
Custard Country