Monday, 30 April 2012

Edit of the month CCA still crushing it.

Thats me done, off to Wales for a week, have fun peeps.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

KBC helmets.

 The Monster Energy years..

 KBC Pro-X, my lid of choice for freeride.
 Bellow, custom painted KBC pro-x ; Rider Run Company/ Vandal

 KBC with a custom paint job,

Exmoor shuttle day

So a few weeks back now we headed on to Exmoor with a few the guys that have been on my Trail Head skills coaching sessions plus our young sponsored ripper James from rider run co. and Tim from Hard tail nation that would be our guide for the day as its his local, You can check the gopro edits on the last few pages to see the action, what it made me notice was how much i love riding natural terrain and heading back in to the hills away from the trail centres and the mtn bike made trails, This was proper mtn biking and the type riding i did a lot of in the 90's but have had little time to do over the last few years, It sure made me want to get up and ride the trails again on another dry day as it will get my skills sharp and a great way to spend a day on the bike riding some of the UK's best singletrack. If you ride a lot of trail centres then head out in to the hills and enjoy what mtn biking in the UK's all about and let the next wave of new riders and groms hit the local trail centres and head for the hills and take your mtn biking to the next level.

Wheeldon Off Road Adventure Centre KBC

Spot thats local to me and supported by my sponsor KBC helmets. Also where the Barn race was last year that we raced .

KBC Helmets 2010 Dealer Expo LIVE

21 Helmets Show

Riding At Faisst's

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Enduro 1/ X- Fusion UK Gravity All Mountain Race Series

Results are in, 16th overall at the UK all-mtn gravity enduro round one last weekend , Not bad since i was on my xc race bike, seem to be the fastest hardtailer (?) of the day as well, rock on round 2.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Out of the SW champs

I will not be taking part in the South West xc champs in a few weeks time, Trail Head skills coaching has been going so well and i have bookings for that weekend and the weeks coming in to it, so with no time to train we will focus a little more on Enduro1 round 2 as my next event, Im not sure what xc events i will do for the rest of the year, but i will be doing more, a 16th,10th and a 3rd were all going in the right direction but i love riding the Enduro events with every event being switched up, some more dh, some more xc/trail, Im out doing it for myself not trying to get a ride and im having fun doing it, Marzocchi are sorting me some trick internals for my 66 forks what will go on my new all-mtn ride. Pics of that when its all built up.  till next time, Happy trails.

Palmer and training buddy Strait

Get the feeling Palmer wanted Strait to win! good job corner man Shaun Palmer and champ Strait.

2012 Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom

the best edit from this years sea otter.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Monday, 23 April 2012

Good news for Bell, bad maybe for Haro..

Former Haro brand manager Allan Cooke resigned his position at Haro, the former BMX pro now works for Bell helmets..
press rel from them.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Enduro1 round 1 : Forest of Dean

First round of the Enduro 1 series, An all mtn enduro based more on dh than up hill was a real hit, 6 stages, 2 skills sections and a lot riding, Great fun event, so much so i may hit up round 2, First round was a mixed bag,First off my new enduro rigs not built so i was on my xc race bike with a dropper post, I got to the top of the climb for the first timed stage to have the tyre pop off the rear rim, pushed it in by dropping some air but had to ride it safe till i could sort after the stage, first stage was covered with cheater lines from the early runners, but we played by the rules and kept to the trail, stage 2 was the skills area, this was a range of tight bankings, got out this clean with no dabs, off to stage 3, a singletrack top section went well till a  long left handed berm, i just came in tapped out and flying, the poor corsa xc forks drove in hard and i thought i was going out the front door but we just saved it with a long old drift, small fire road was a mess, thought the trail went left but it went right, lost bit of time before hitting some sweet off camber dh trail to the finish. back up to hit stage 4, a long flowing dh trail, If you know the area you could of hit it harder, but played it safe but smooth with only one over braking in one corner as the only time lost other than my legs not wanting to pedal the flater sections.. Section 5 had a simple skills section and then a more all-mtn stage, skills are cleared we hit the fire road before the singletrack, went pop the post up.. it was already up! i had done the skills section high poster style, went hit the lever to drop it and lost the plot, ended up hitting my gear shifter, on this tech trail i had 2 small stop go time losses as i got two bends in a row wrong, such a hard stage all-mtn stage, Last stage was a DH run and a big run, the 100mm  Marzocchi xc forks did an amazing job but we were just holding on down this run, again loads lines if you were local to gain time, Hand rattled right off the bar on one G-out.. That was it race run, good times with the rest of the TrailHead crew, Im not looking for a result from this event but i will post it when they are on line..

Happy trails

Shaun Palmer's Pivot 4X

Shaun Palmer's sea otter rig, A Pivot 4x with Deity parts.

Photo credit: vitalmtb

trail head, exmoor shuttle day

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ton of updates coming..

Loads new blogs coming up,. But for now, the Cannondale has been sold, a new all-mtn rig should be with me this week, it means the best fit and forget forks (marzocchi 44) will go back to Marzocchi and the badass 66 forks will be on the new longer stroke trail bike, the ace guys down at Marzocchi uk/ windwave are going to trick them up for me and the new rigs going to be amazing, Also Exmoor shuttle day, what a day, blog for that coming up, also sport counter, MW kit and much more in the next blog, This sunday its Forest Of Dean and the first Enduro 1 event, no dale, new bike not built yet so the xc Kona has the dropper post and some WTB bronson tyres on it and lets see how that goes! blog on that next week.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

trail head @ Exmoor

trail head 2

Trail Head

myself following young james one of our skills coached riders down the local.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

xc photo blog cornwall.

thanks snapper chick for the photos.

2 XC round 1 Haldon

Have to say i felt like a racer last night, like back in the day, im not up to my old elite speed yet but after a fun event was happy to find out i got 3rd , Roll on rd 2

Sunday, 1 April 2012

XC race cornwall

6-30am start to get deep down in corwall for round 2, track was good, could of been even more tech, legs felt little dead after a day of Trail Head skills coaching the day before, but still a solid ride for 10th.

Trail Head skills day

Photo from a TRAIL HEAD skills session this weekend i put on.