Friday, 30 October 2009


couple of shots from last weekends dh races.
ABOVE: Landing the drop and in to the rock garden.
BELLOW: coming out of the rock section.


Had it a week now, first ride in the morning but it looks sweet.. Intense 5.5
plus in 2 weeks time we will be going to plymouth and racing XC in the masters class (yes im getting old) down @ plymouth, first proper xc race since 98? lol, no shape to race xc but we will see how we get on.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

DH racing

hi all,
i took part in my first dh race in about 11 years last weekend down in torbay, with no idea of the track we turned up on slicks to find a super wet track, with only one run down before my race run we had little time to pick lines, with all the locals riding the track twice a week and every weekend it was clear the few not so locals that had an invite were going to find it hard, First run and i think the nerves kicked in, a off line moment and i had to get off the bike and push to get going, After that it was on and we charged down and took the 6th fastest time!next up was a fresh new trail, Again no time to practice other than one roll down.. We got an ok run and came in 7th, No sooner as i got to the bottom we were told we would have another run on this track so we hit it up as one of the last riders the track was cut up and i was one of the only rider to go quicker on my second run, even with a crash!, taking another 6th, 7/6/6 giving me 7th overall. looking forward to ssome training this winter and more DH racing early next year to go along with the freeride and other events and jams we will be hitting up.
Elbry Sandland

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Its been an epic few weeks, i have been riding every day, xc,trails, freeride,dh, all mtn.. you name it i have been doing it and having a blast for the last 2 weeks.. im taking this week off and we start again on sat when were doing an underground dh race, its going to be cool. Last friday was epic dh session on exmoor, see the chesty cams in the blogs bellow, till next time.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

new haldon single track Video -

sweet new trail thats been built at haldon, time to look in to getting a all mtn frame i think.. check it out!

new haldon single track Video -

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

all mtn dh action Video -

quick edit in the woods just seconds from my front door..
bike: mde keeper 4x
cam: gopro hero wide

all mtn dh action Video -

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Ye! went back to cove last night to get one run in on the way home, it was the first time taking the MDE keeper 4x in to the woods.. Man that things stiff! lol.
super pumped to find cove dry, and i mean dry! dust in the turns and loads of little rocks all over the trail from the mx boys, its the first time its been this dry in over a year, top trees been moved so the main lines 100% open and we ended up doing 3 sweet runs,
Gutted to get up this morning and load the van ready to hit OP with the gopro hero wide.. Not to be.. rain stops play..
still TF at long last sent my springs for the 4x forks so we will get that sorted this week and make that bike feel like i want it..
Other than that we have been working with freestylextreme on my kit for next year.. Designs for logos will be all sorted mid week and im pumped to see how it turns out.
Other than that? big thanks to KBC who sent me some goggles to match my 2010 kit! your the bomb guys!
till next time, i hope with a little edit or some photos.. also check