Sunday, 23 October 2016

Thompson Capella review

This is the Thompson Capella disc, Thompson has put lot time and money in to developing this bike and it shows, Designed as a cutting edge endurance road bike, but dont think of this as a endurance road bike from 5 years ago with long head tubes, and tug boat handling, this is the new breed of road bikes that go back to the era of what a true road bike was, yes you can do a sportive on it, a club run with the fast boys and just about any style of road riding, its the classic road bike reborn!
 The frames very much split, the top tube shape and lay up along with the slender seat stays are all about rider comfort, While the down tube/bb and chainstays are all about putting down the watts.
So how does the Capella stack up?? First ride and the bike felt fine, no crazy handling and we were happy to ride it in our weekly mid week club ride, but then we hit the hills! .. and i was blown away by this bike!! no bike i have ever thrown a leg over has had a bottom bracket that stiff!! its like jumping off the floor on to a box at the gym or kicking off the wall at the pool, unreal how every bit power goes to the rear wheel, this bikes so much stiffer than my dale super hi mod evo that the frame has a higher RRP than this complete! its that good! what goes up must come down and disc brakes helped me take some KOMs and that matched with sharp but predictable handling thanks to great angles, the bolt through hubs front and rear helped this bike carve the turns while the slight aero profiles of the tubes and neat inline seat clamp all help make this a must have for any riders wish list for a next bike, i was not 100% sold on the black white colours but then Thompson let you have custom colours at no extra cost! Some might over look the Thompson as its sell for a lot less money than a S-works but dont! Thompson are just better value and its products prove they can go head to head with any of the the markets finest. 2 thumbs up for this rig and we were sad to see it go..

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