Monday, 10 October 2016

cross is boss...

Hi all, The last month we have jumped in to the cross racing season and raced round 2 of the south west series, this taunton track was fast and flat, i came in pumped for a result and put in a big effort and come out the race with a 5th! 2 weeks later we were in North Devon for the next round, few more ramps and my lack form was showing, i got a solid 9th, Then just 7 days later we were in Exeter for escot, one of the hardest races of the year with its ruts and bumps and this year a lot long draggy climbs, this showed my poor form even more and i had a bad race and never got going, i planned to make a big push on the last lap but ended up getting wiped out twice by other riders, my 9th here was not what i wanted but at the same time with my lack good legs right now im going to have to take and hope to bounce back as were racing again this sunday, on the plus we have a new bike for this weekend, so lets hope that works out well. 

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