Monday, 10 October 2016

GT GTS ELITE long term review

so almost 2 years, how did it do, was it worth the money.. Well the bike did good, plus has to be full 105, a solid frame and a great value winter bike or first road bike, If your planning on getting one, dump the tyres, they maybe 25mm but these are cheap steel beaded, switching tyres changed the ride and helped me not get dropped on the group ride, it was that big of a change, the only other change i made was the wheels, if your looking at this bike for the long term that be the big upgrade, i put some old dt swiss wheels from my old spec tarmac comp and again boosted the ride by making it feel and ride quicker in the hills, other than this the bike stayed stock, its a great value ride what for the money still wins its price range hands down.

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