Monday, 24 December 2012

Rapha ride 1 report

So the plan was a 35+mile ride, But we clocked up a solid 45 mile ride (75k) for the first day, Things should be going good, but the rain was coming down hard, so much that the lanes were a good 6" in water and over the top of the main hill on exmoor we had to have my front light on as you could only see about 10m in front, But the big news was that my legs were blowing at the 35 mile mark and the last 10 miles were slow and hard going, I have only done one longer road ride in the last four months as the Rapha's the start of my longer riding ready for my challenge i have planned for next year and its clear this is going to be a lot harder than i thought. Dog walking this morning before i hope to get another 75k on the board.

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