Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Rapha day 2

The plan was simple, same as day one but with a few miles more on the out loop. Weather looked like it should be better, but day 2 was even harder than day one. I did the extra miles and put in a real hard ride even if the av speed and the time did not show it, thats because as i got going the rain came down what i dont mind but it was the wind.. Almost blown off the bike heading to Tiverton and almost a dead stop on the loop home. Such a hard ride, Day 3 will be a new loop..
Plus side i got a 4th on a strava section without trying, same section i got a PR on day one.
Other than that things are good, legs felt a little dead as they would as i have just had a week off the bike before giving the Rapha a crack and before that i was only doing small rides with less than 1 hour 20 a week as my av. But feel im riding still within myself and looking forward to a new loop and maybe a dry ride?

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