Wednesday, 17 September 2008


From the people that gave us the much loved CLIF BAR and SHOTS comes the new CLIF SHOT BLOKS. This 95% organic energy shot works so well for mtb rider, Simply take 3/6 bloks per hour with a little drop of water to keep you topped up on your ride, Works a lot quicker and better than energy drinks such as redbull,monster or rockstar. Comes in a simple pack what would be cool if it could be resealed.. other than that it rocks, put the little bag in your camelbak pocket or stash them in a pocket and enjoy your rides even more. 2 thumbs up,

To find a dealer see 2pure here in the UK.
T: 0844 8112001 F: 0131 319 2463web:

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rodderz said...

Elbry I do not think you can neccessarily compare Red Bull/Monster to Shot Bloks. The former is really designed to perk you up and help concentration. The latter is for carb replacement during endurance sports allowing you to mange intake eg. to take in 1000 cals for an hours race i am not going to drink 10 cans of RB but I will consume "solids" or gels . Caffiene whilst waking you up is also proven to help the body manage carbs more efficiently hence why a significant number of energy products contain it.

Both products require you to drink water with them for hydration. They can be used to compliment each other not in place of each other...

The definition of energy in these products is different.