Monday, 15 September 2008

mini bikes, 69's and hucking...

Monday night i went to Rotor, the well known huck spot that still after years of being posted on the net im the only rider to send all the drops, i have not been hucking in about 18months and i was feeling it as i rolled in, But it all came good, I hit all the drops and even did the hip drop what i have only ever done with people about incase it all goes wrong as its a tech drop, So im feeling good and im riding well and i can not wait to get this MBUK shoot done, i may go back for another session later in the week if the weather holds as the landing was real soft on the main huck and i was only landing about 25ft and you can go a little further to 30 when the landings dry. I have to say i was shocked at how well the ATA air 66 forks worked on the pusher, In the past we have run fat 24" tyres/wheels and big forks for the drops and here i was on a mid stroke bike with air forks and 26 by 2.5 tyres and landing it smooth. Props to the bike and parts i now ride and my sponsors : The, Kbc, Marzocchi, windwave, Fro etc..
69's all built and riding well, the shock and 888 forks are tuned and feeling butter soft with no harsh bottoming,

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Over the weekend i thought i would get my Thumpstar pro looking fresh and ready for some action over the coming months, I plan on putting in some more mini bike time over the winter as i feel it helps my MTB riding.

looking stock

looking rad with its sikspak decals
you can get SIKSPAK in the uk from

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