Friday, 22 May 2015

Update! thunderbolt and road racing..

 Another trip down to Torbay and another race with out any points, Still the race was a bunch from lap one till the end and i came up a few spots short of getting the job done.. Little gutted as Torbay seems easy over westpoint or ilton, I could head to Cornwall but points dont mean that much, At the end of the day its about getting in the mix having fun and i think im doing that rather than been off the back in a cat2/3 style race as i dont have the time or the energy to focus on road racing only as my main rolls to ride for Rocky Mountain Bicycles.
We have got some more seat time on the killer Thunderbolt! Get a demo bike and try one!! Its such a rapid yet fun bike to ride! Only a few weeks till BikeFest so we hope to ot get ill this year and keep putting in some solid rides over the coming weeks. Till next time!!

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