Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Springtime Pursuits Race 1

Here we go again, last year i got dropped in the first few miles while doing very little at the back and then that was it solo effort for almost 30 miles!I soon wised up and loved the next two events even if the results were still piss poor i was back road riding.  This year my plan was to stay in my group for as long as i could and do very little at this first round, I was in the second group and i soon found myself at the front doing my turn and pushing on? (what! plan out the window) but the group was a mixed bunch and riders jumping off only to drag them back it was no shock that we failed to catch all of group one and the last group that had dropped down to just 6 or so riders joined us at the mid point of lap 2 of 3, With three MDCC riders controling the pace line it was up to a great effort by a exeter wheelers rider to try and jump clear as we went over the line for one to go and this split the group to bits, I mist the jump and held on to a small group of 5 riders as the rest got shelled out the back for the last lap and took a easy last lap in the draft to finish a fun first pursuit. roll on this weekend!

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