Friday, 12 December 2014

xc rd 4 off camber xc

It was another great track made by the guys at off camber bikes, this time the crew added some fresh loam singletrack, With a second row start it was our best grid yet and high hopes of a good result coming off a 5th last time out, But as we hit the first hill i was getting passed.. Passed by riders i stomp past in the other rounds.. seemed like i could just not get going  (10 seconds slower than both other races?), by time we hit the singletrack it was full gas panic as i tried to make up spots and time, PBing just about every section it should of been going well but i could feel the rear tyre was soft and hitting the rim on hard hits.. I have a flat! by lap2 its clear the small group im with would be as good as we would do if the tyre stays up as the rain came down and we switched up our lines and put in another strong lap. We have a great battle but have to play it safe with very little air in my tyre, come the last lap and im up to speed and feel fresher than any race this year but hunting down the rider in front i washed out as i got stuck behind him and go down hard on my knee, we soon get going and charge back up to the guy in front only for the flat tyre to make me crash again! we are rolling again and finish 20 seconds behind the guy in front and a solid if not a bit gutted 9th spot, Next round should be a cracker with some good training over the coming weeks. thanks to off camber for putting on such a fun series on a great track.
 last section of the last lap
 pushing on
lap 1

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