Friday, 13 June 2014


Well last year was my first Bike Fest and we got third in the paired 12 hour event and the plan was to come back stronger, Sadly even getting to the start was a long shot as i picked up a bug the weekend before what would keep me house bound all week, no riding, no work and proper ill it looked like i would not start, night before i made my mind i was going to the event and see how it went, well we did race and it was hard, the wet start made it a lot harder race than last year and the teams were a lot closer as we battled all day long, I might not have been as strong as i wanted but we kept putting out the best laps we could and we ended up 3rd again.
 Above and Bellow: early in the race on a wet slick trail

 above and bellow: later stages of the race, keeping the pace high.

above: 3rd place, epic race..
Bellow: rocking the retro @rocky mountain bicycles top on the last lap.

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