Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Enduro update

The QECP GRAVITY ENDURO was a real cool event run by riders for riders. The trails were some of the best singletrack i have hit up this year and we got a few runs in before the race so did some blind and some with an idea of how long the trails were but not much time to pick lines, just foot out flat out and have a blast, As for the bike i went for the 29er Elemenet bc from my sponsors Rocky Mountain Bicycles and it paid off,  I love riding this bike and it shows how rad it is by the fact i raced to 7th in the pro class at a gravity enduro on the very same bike i got 3rd at the 12 hour xc just a month ago.. I could of done with a bit more of a all-mtn/enduro front tyre and i think we could of been on the box. But It was a great days riding and i can not wait to race the event again next year.

Exmoor gravity rally turned in to a bit of a joke event for the second year in a row, Last year the timing was a little hit and miss, this year was just plain dum, Timing was done off some £12 app on phones, im sorry when people are paying £50 timing should be a key point.. Still trails were fun and we had a good time blasting the dust trails on the Rocky Mountain Slayer. 3rd time lucky maybe for this event..

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