Saturday, 20 July 2013

BIKE FEST race report

So bike fest would be my first paired race and my first 12 hour, what seems a little odd after almost 25 years of racing, Still i paired up with Stu Ross a former bike fest racer from a few years ago and we were both keen to put in a strong ride.

The wheels kind came off our race at the first hand over about an hour in, i waited and and waited, but i did not see Stu come in, thought he must of had a flat, But Stu then turned up from the car park, he had come in over 10 mins before but failed to spot me also.. So i set off now just about last and had to make some solid moves past slower riders and we would switch after two laps (about one hour),

It was also my first race for Rocky Mountain Bicycles and my first race on a 29er, and i loved it,

Come the end of the 12 hours we both rode hard and we ended up 3rd, less that 10 min behind second place.. what could of been.. but still on the box we were both happy. Bring on bike fest 2014!

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