Friday, 8 March 2013

Rocky Mountain Blizzard.. Back to my roots

Above: The 1991 Blizzard was the first RM i ever spotted in the UK, It was my local shop owners bike and i loved its build detail and style , I also loved its colourway and wanted to get an RM Blizzard but sadly had only just got my new Browning Marin.

Above: The 92 Blizzard was another classic and kept me wanting a Rocky Mountain...

Above: The 93 Blizzard came out and i ordered the frame and fork, sadly the wishbone stays had gone and the colourway was not as cool as the two years before.. But i still loved that bike and ran it for many years from Tomac drop bars and Tioga back wheel to Club Roost Go Fast bars, A-tac stems and judy forks. I felt it was the best handling bike i had rode and loved its design details like a forward facing seat bolt etc..

This week i just ordered a brand new 2011 Rocky Mountain Blizzard LT frame! 2011 would be the last year of the Blizzard, Silver-Fish did not import the frame and a few calls and emails and i could not get them to get me one of the frames in at any cost back in 2011.. Lucky this brand new frame came up and i got the 15.5 frame i wanted. Look for a build pic in the coming weeks.

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