Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Long Leats cyclosportive has a rep as a hard event to start the year but this year took things to another level as we turned up to snow and sub zero temps. Down to do the 100 miles we were told that the ride would be cut to 65 miles and myself and riding buddy were a little gutted. But out on the hills we were glad for the shorter loop. Getting bumped by other riders as you passed them and riders all over the road it was clear that some riders had very little idea that people would be going past them, it made for some wild passing. We put in a solid ride and ran out of gas in the final mile of what was a hard event off the back of a solid ride the day before. More sportives to come later in the year.. If you think sportives are easy.. your wrong, it was harder than the three raod races we have done this year.

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