Tuesday, 12 February 2013

ONE Ind MINI ENDURO Race report

STAGE 1, stage one started out flat with some gully type turns before hitting the loam section, After this it was down on to the rocks and berms of the Haldon black trail, This was the longest stage and the stage that felt the most all-mtn.  I rode smooth but safe to get this stage done and make time on the more tech stages ahead.
GOPRO of stage 1 from 2012:

Stage 2, This would be on one of the old trails that was used as an On A Bike DH race many years ago, Once again loam turns followed by some small steps and in to the tight shoot and gully, Once your out of that its over the blue with a few flat turns a new small table jump to the finish. Sadly my timing was wrong and the second run was a mess as my front brake faded out and i ended up with a slower sloppy run.

Doom trail, flat turns followed by off camber section and then some grass slick turns to the finish. Top section was hard work with only a rear brake and i ended u hitting a tree just before the off camber, lower two wheel drift turns were better, Off the brakes i made a bit of time back.
GOPRO of stage 3 from last year.


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