Monday, 11 February 2013

Haldon mini Enduro report

So this first mini enduro went off last sunday, how was it?? Good, It used the best trails at Haldon and a good bunch of riders turned up to shred on a very wet day, timing was a little off and i was gutted to have to do a stage twice only to have a mechanical problem on my second run, (but thats UK enduro right now and kind of standard..), i think the race was well run. Low points that could be better... This is Enduro not push up DH day! So many riders failed to ride the 20min+ red to stage one and just cheated by rolling down the road from the car park to stage one, fresh bike and fresh legs... its enduro and you should ride the stages that are not timed and not cut the sections (Athertons included), Be nice if you could ride round with you mates rather in number order? You should have a set time to get from point A to point B like in moto enduros and some mtb enduros, so a level of fitness and speeds still needed on the untimed sections.Also blind runs, save the track from getting so cut up and leveling things out a little,  Its early days for the mini enduros and with some fine tuning it could be amazing. Good news had to be good numbers what must mean its worth doing for the race organiser. Thats my feed back on a cracking weekend.

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