Sunday, 29 April 2012

Exmoor shuttle day

So a few weeks back now we headed on to Exmoor with a few the guys that have been on my Trail Head skills coaching sessions plus our young sponsored ripper James from rider run co. and Tim from Hard tail nation that would be our guide for the day as its his local, You can check the gopro edits on the last few pages to see the action, what it made me notice was how much i love riding natural terrain and heading back in to the hills away from the trail centres and the mtn bike made trails, This was proper mtn biking and the type riding i did a lot of in the 90's but have had little time to do over the last few years, It sure made me want to get up and ride the trails again on another dry day as it will get my skills sharp and a great way to spend a day on the bike riding some of the UK's best singletrack. If you ride a lot of trail centres then head out in to the hills and enjoy what mtn biking in the UK's all about and let the next wave of new riders and groms hit the local trail centres and head for the hills and take your mtn biking to the next level.

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