Monday, 9 November 2009

retro bike check flashback! MARIN PINE MTN

This is a bike just like i had back in the early 90's (93?), the big thing about this bike was its Browning suspension..
sadly Mr bowning run out of money trying to get this fork system accepted. Interestingly he was responsible for much of the undercarriage design of the Concorde and you can see the aircraft heritage in this design. Tragically he took his own life
three settings, lockout, hard and soft,

Mr browning was a English engineer and the company he ran was called Cycle Suspension Ltd England .

The action of the forks similar to a cannondale headshock but has an Amp style torsion bracket.. with a nitrogen filled pressure system.. real advanced at the time and had 50-75mm of stroke.
I sold mine after a short time to get a Rocky Mtn blizzard.. but thats for another flashback..

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