Tuesday, 27 October 2009

DH racing

hi all,
i took part in my first dh race in about 11 years last weekend down in torbay, with no idea of the track we turned up on slicks to find a super wet track, with only one run down before my race run we had little time to pick lines, with all the locals riding the track twice a week and every weekend it was clear the few not so locals that had an invite were going to find it hard, First run and i think the nerves kicked in, a off line moment and i had to get off the bike and push to get going, After that it was on and we charged down and took the 6th fastest time!next up was a fresh new trail, Again no time to practice other than one roll down.. We got an ok run and came in 7th, No sooner as i got to the bottom we were told we would have another run on this track so we hit it up as one of the last riders the track was cut up and i was one of the only rider to go quicker on my second run, even with a crash!, taking another 6th, 7/6/6 giving me 7th overall. looking forward to ssome training this winter and more DH racing early next year to go along with the freeride and other events and jams we will be hitting up.
Elbry Sandland

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