Saturday, 3 October 2009


Ye! went back to cove last night to get one run in on the way home, it was the first time taking the MDE keeper 4x in to the woods.. Man that things stiff! lol.
super pumped to find cove dry, and i mean dry! dust in the turns and loads of little rocks all over the trail from the mx boys, its the first time its been this dry in over a year, top trees been moved so the main lines 100% open and we ended up doing 3 sweet runs,
Gutted to get up this morning and load the van ready to hit OP with the gopro hero wide.. Not to be.. rain stops play..
still TF at long last sent my springs for the 4x forks so we will get that sorted this week and make that bike feel like i want it..
Other than that we have been working with freestylextreme on my kit for next year.. Designs for logos will be all sorted mid week and im pumped to see how it turns out.
Other than that? big thanks to KBC who sent me some goggles to match my 2010 kit! your the bomb guys!
till next time, i hope with a little edit or some photos.. also check

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