Monday, 15 June 2009


things have been going good of late, loads of runs, short xc rides in the week and some cool freeride on the weekends, Two weekends ago i got back to my spot and also hit a new road gap, last weekend the plan was to go ride a new(ish) freeride spot not far from taunton, But that went tits up the night before and i ended up sorting a day riding with vandal clothing young gun Pete and we headed to dartmoor for a very long but fun session over three tors and some dh session near north bovey what i have not done in about a year, it was tech thanks to last weeks rain and fun to ride that natural rock garden dh style stuff, we also headed over to a drop i found a few months ago, We both feel with a little work it should make a nice little photo. So look for that later in the year, This weekend we hope to be heading to the freeride spot just past taunton, After that we should get that small dartmoor drop in the bag and my stunt that i have been working on for the last few weeks should be read to shoot, Then we have a gap/drop to photo so loads to do in the coming weeks/months.. Today we hit up a bit of xc, checked the new haldon xc line what looks real good and also found a cool skinny log ride over a bog and nailed it first time, Got home and chilled and then went and did a run in record time! This winter i hope to hit the park we went with Vandals Jay a few weeks ago so were now building a trail/park 24" that should ride sweeter than the dmr, Look for some shots of that in a week or so.

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